Relaxation Zone

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Relaxation Zone – SP-7218 • 096507721821

Dean Evenson – Piano, Keyboards Phil Heaven – Viola Jason Darling – Percussion Evan Perman– Didgeridoo

COVR (Coalition of Visionary Resources) Visionary Award Double Winner! Album of the Year & Best New Age Music

About Relaxation Zone:

Gentle rolling rhythms, atmospheric grooves, soft percussion and a touch of didgeridoo invite you to relax into the moment.  Charting a new direction, Dean Evenson has put down his flute for this album to create these lovely keyboard compositions that are uplifting as well as comforting and supportive.  The resulting ambience is perfect for healing arts practitioners and others who have been asking him for music with a little more rhythm but still with that signature ‘Evenson’ mood.  We all need to relax. Our modern lifestyles have caused a new kind of stress that our forebears didn’t know. While they may have had an adrenaline rush from being chased by a wild animal, our demons are often the ones we are chasing in our own minds. Stress comes in many forms. How we deal with it is up to us.

The liner notes for Relaxation Zone include suggestions to help a person relax. Whether it is learning how to breathe, moving our bodies or taking time to rest in stillness, this music is an excellent tool to aid in the process of relaxation. “As the moments of bliss increase in direct relationship to the amount of time I set aside for relaxation and meditation, a formula is developing in my life to allow, indeed to encourage, more time to seek the infinite source of creation within myself. As I open up to creation’s miracle of life, the time set aside for the restoration of my personal energy becomes the cathedral of keeping my connection with the infinite open, vibrant and joyful. The energy is coming from within to meld with universal energy, blending into a satiated state of calm activity. Taking action when necessary is most adroitly handled when one is coming from the place of stillness deep inside, with action in a wash of love of all that brings out the best in all moments. Find the time to relax and love this life we have been given and you will find your true self.” – Dean Evenson Recommended background music for: Massage • Yoga • Working Out • Going Within • Living • Loving

Includes Earth Resonance Frequency (ERF) for deeper relaxation.

Eco Packaging – This CD comes in green, environmentally friendly packaging made from post consumer recycled paper, printed with soy inks and contains no plastic. It is fully recyclable.


1 Veils in the Wind 6:55

2 You Can 6:35

3 See You There 6:12

4 Mellow Heart 6:01

5 Gentle Persuasion 6:37

6 Dancing in the Light 5:23

7 Move your Chi 8:42

8 Cool Heat 5:36

9 You Can Too 3:49

10 Keys to Peace 8:17

TOTAL TIME: 64 minutes