Raga Cycle

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Raga Cycle – Dean Evenson Pt. Shivnath Mishra Deobrat Mishra

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Featuring: Dean Evenson – Flute, Keyboards Pandit Shivnath Mishra – Sitar Deobrat Mishra – Sitar Phil Heaven – Viola Dudley Evenson – Tamboura Gina Sala – Vocals Rivers Sterling – Vocals


Composer and Flautist Dean Evenson joins creative forces with Indian Sitar masters ‘Pandit’ Shivnath Mishra and Deobrat Mishra in this masterpiece of cultural blending. The Mishras, a father and son duo from a musical family spanning seven generations, live in the holy city of Benares, India on the Ganges River. With passion and playfulness, they perform Ragas which are ancient patterns of melodic movement meant to evoke a certain mood or feeling. The Mishras take traditional ragas and create their own remarkable improvisational compositions, adding a spirited call and response dynamic to their exquisite musical forms.

Extending the boundaries of the traditional raga, Evenson’s silver flute weaves its spell and beautiful female voices, viola and natural sounds of India enhance the mood. Pandit Shivnath Mishra and his family have descended from a prominent musical lineage of Benaras Gharana going back several generations. In order to preserve this heritage, so precious to India, and make it accessable to children, Pt. Mishra and his family decided to create the “Benaras Gharana Baccha (Children’s) Project. Learn more HERE. The ragas on this album follow the cycle of a day. Each piece is created to evoke the mood of that time of day.


  1. Rag Bairagi “Early Morning” (12:40)
  2. Rag Bhatiyar “Morning” (12:32)
  3. Rag Bhimpalasi “Mid Day” (8:32)
  4. Rag Yaman “Evening” (8:32)
  5. Rag Darbari “Midnight” (15:44)

TOTAL TIME: 58 Minutes

QUOTES ABOUT THE MISHRAS: ‘Varanasi’s music tradition has produced many great sitar artists including Pandit Ravi Shankar and Mustaq Ali Khan. Among its new generation, Pandit Shivnath Mishra is keeping the tradition going’ – Swatantra Bharat, 7 December 1986 ‘Pt. Shivnath Mishra has taken his place among the leading artists of Benares. His performance was joyful, powerful and full of sweetness.’ – National Sahara News May 2, 1994 ‘By exploring new paths Deobrat Mishra will bring about a revolution in Indian Classical music’ – Hindustan Times 1997 ‘The Mishras, father and son, displayed a rare understanding between themselves and of the unique Benaras musical style’- Bombay News 1999 ‘The surrender in the Mishras playing allowed the music to flow unimpeded through graceful fingers into the theatreit was the best performance I ve ever seen.’ – Ascent Magazine 2001 ‘Don’t miss the Mishras, because their music is magic.’ – Kitchener/Waterloo Record, June 2002   ‘Don’t miss your chance to see the amazing collaboration of the Mishras. Relax, clear your mind and let the music take over.’ – Amy Kepferle, Bellingham Weekly, July 2003