Healing the Holy Land

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Dean & Dudley Evenson Present – Healing the Holy Land
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Featuring (by Track):

  1. Halla Bassam & Sevara Nazarkhan
  2. Jai Uttal & The Pagan Love Orchestra
  3. Lydia McCauley
  4. Azam Ali & Niyaz
  5. Rafe Pearlman
  6. Ofer Golany & Musicians for Peace
  7. VOX & Fadia El-Hage
  8. Rita Glassman
  9. Omar Faruk Tekbilek
  10. Peregrine Medieval Vocal Ensemble
  11. Dean & Dudley Evenson
  12. Gina Sala

About Healing the Holy Land

An exquisite multicultural synthesis bringing together Jewish, Christian and Muslim spiritual music of the Middle East. This deeply moving collection of sacred chants and songs reflects a common yearning for peace shared by these three faiths. The cultural diversity of Healing the Holy Land is a refreshing breath of harmony for a part of our world that is full of conflict. Long ago, in a sandy wind-blown desert in the Middle East, there lived a spiritual man named Abraham. This man made an agreement with God to worship only the One God. In exchange, God promised this man that his seed would outnumber the grains of sand in the sea and the stars in the heavens.

Today the ‘seed of Abraham’ is represented by the Jewish, Christian and Muslim people. These ‘People of the Book’ have a shared spiritual and family history that goes back thousands of years and is deeply rooted in the Middle East. If there is ever to be peace in the Middle East, then there needs to be harmony among these religions who each have their own version of the Bible dating back to Abraham. Our prayer for Healing the Holy Land is to plant a new seed of possibility that someday, these cousins, these great, great grandchildren of Abraham, will realize they all worship the same God and find a way to get along. May this inspiring spiritual music carry the prayer to help bring the family of Abraham together in peace.


  1. Peace Song 4:38 (Islam)
  2. Shalom 4:35 (Jewish)
  3. Aeternitas 4:50 (Christian)
  4. Allahi Allah 5:09 (Islam)
  5. Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic 3:32 (Christian)
  6. Hide n’ Seek 3:37 (Jewish)
  7. Holy Sepulchre 3:44 (Christian)
  8. Shalom Song of Peace 4:29 (Jewish)
  9. Hu Allah 9:32 (Islam)
  10. In Praise of Mary 5:45 (Christian)
  11. Peace Piece 4:42 (Universal)
  12. Allahu Hallelujah 7:00 (Universal)

Total Time: 62 minutes