Harmonic Way

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Harmonic Way – Dean Evenson & Scott Huckabay



  • Dean Evenson – Flute, Piano, Keyboards, Singing Bowls, Natural Sounds
  • Scott Huckabay – Trance Guitar
  • Phil Heaven – Viola, Synth
  • Dudley Evenson – Harp, Singing Bowls

About Harmonic Way:

Harmonics are a key to healing with sound.  Trance guitarist Scott Huckabay is a master of guitar harmonics, creating pure, bell-like sounds by gently tapping the strings on the neck of his guitar in a perfect ratio.  His harmonics and innovative guitar effects resonate with the vibrating frequencies of Tibetan singing bowls played by Dean Evenson and Dudley Evenson who also perform flute, harp and keyboards.  Phil Heaven enhances the musical conversation with his exotic viola stylings. The resulting interplay of harmony and bliss with a touch of nature sounds is the perfect soundscape for a massage, yoga session or romantic date. Alpha Frequencies and the Earth Resonance Frequency are included to enhance brainwave synchronization for deeper relaxation.

“Pioneer flautist Dean Evenson teams up with trance guitarist Scott Huckabay to create a musical journey that opens the listener to the deeper places in the soul where healing can occur.”
~ SHARE Guide

“I’ve never seen Huckabay’s equal on acoustic guitar…  He doesn’t just think outside the box―the box doesn’t exist.  Huckabay is indeed a musical shaman.”
~  Mel Mason, Tucson Weekly

“Masterful and melodic, top-selling healing artists create atmospheric arrangements perfect for deep reflection, relaxation and upliftment.  Harmonic Way acts as a gateway to higher states of awareness and presence, perfectly peaceful for any listener.”
~ Stephen Bonnell, East West Bookshop Seattle

“Harmonic Way is a complex, multi-dimensional composition that transported me into deep meditation and complete relaxation.  All my busy thoughts and tension melted away, gifting me a sense of euphoria and bringing me straight into my heart center.  Another fabulous creation from Soundings of the Planet.”
~ Diana LaDue-Hand, Wise Awakening

Track Listing:

  1. Holy Harmonics (6:05)
  2. Luminous Touch (8:51)
  3. Fields of Bliss (5:19)
  4. Vital Vibrations (7:05)
  5. Resonant Wave (5:36)
  6. Way To Go (8:15)
  7. Rejuvenate Soul (5:37)
  8. Shamanic Peace (7:47)
  9. Blessed Path (4:00)
  10. Sacred Alignment (8:38)


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