Eagle River

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Eagle River – SP7202CD • UPC 09650772022


Featuring: Dean Evenson – Silver Flute, Native Flute, Keyboards, and Field Recordings Scott Huckabay – Guitar d’Rachael – Harp Dudley Evenson – Harp Rivers Sterling – Vocalizations Phil Heaven – Viola Burke Mulvany – Native Flute Jason Darling – Percussion

About Eagle River

Take an inspiring musical journey down a wild river in the Pacific Northwest. Hear the actual calling of eagles as they feast on spawning salmon who have swum upstream from the ocean to lay their eggs in the calm river inlets and then lay down their lives for the next generation.  Seagulls and other birds share the feast, but the eagle is the master. The voice of many rivers echoes across the vast valley.  Featuring Dean Evenson’s soaring native and silver flutes.  Scott Huckabay’s beautiful guitar harmonics.  The soothing melodies of harpists d’Rachael and Dudley Evenson, and the evocative vocal tonings of Rivers Sterling.

A stirring Native American flute duet by Dean and Burke Mulvany plus viola stylings by Phil Heaven and sensitive percussion by Jason Darling are also featured.

Track Listing:

  1. River on the rocks
  2. Eagle flies high
  3. Voice of the valley
  4. Stretching your wings
  5. Falling into flight
  6. Natural flow
  7. Dancing sun on water
  8. Calling across the sky
  9. River many rivers
  10. Swimming upstream
  11. Wood over water

Total Length: 62 minutes

This album contains the Earth Resonance Frequency for a deeper level of relaxation and a heightened state of peacefulness.

“I’m not a fan of music that is categorized as “new age”. I stumbled on this trying to fall asleep listening to nature’s sounds on Pandora. I have issues with sleep and this collection is so soothing and relaxing. It’s the perfect mixture to calm me and then gently pull me into sleep. It’s beautiful. Truly.”
~Mafreund (amazon customer)