Dream Space

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Dream Space – Dean Evenson

SP-7219CD • UPC 0965077219-20


About Dream Space:

Flutist Dean Evenson is well known for his beautiful, spacious music, in which peace and serenity mingle with nature and soft melodies. With DREAM SPACE, Evenson and friends (Dudley Evenson on harp, Tibetan bowls and tamboura, Phil Heaven on viola) present an atmosphere that is meant to be transcendent and otherworldly. Evenson’s flutes wander through the recording with haunting grace, while flowing keyboard ambience, dotted with Tibetan bowl tones and cosmic effects, gives the feeling of floating through space.  The strings of Heaven and the harp of Dudley further add an enchanting accent to the music when they make an appearance.

The music also incorporates the Earth Resonance Frequency (ERF) at 7.83 Hz, which entrains the brain to a state between alpha and theta for maximum meditative potential. This is certainly Dean Evenson’s most ambient album to date, providing the potential for deeper states of relaxation than ever before. Contains the Earth Resonance Frequency Alpha waves plus Theta and Delta frequencies for deeper state of relaxation.

ATTENTION: Intended to cause drowsiness. PLEASE DO NOT USE WHILE DRIVING.

“Very relaxing music, very enjoyable. Would be great for falling asleep at night, or as background music for doing work, art crafts, etc.”
~Deb T. (Amazon Customer)


1. Dream Space 5:33

2. Deep Stillness  4:36

3. Calm Center 6:34

4. Resting In Bliss 6:22

5. Sound For Silence 6:47

6. Quiet Moment 7:01

7. Heavenly Harmony 6:08

8. Touching Infinity 7:17

9. Inner Light 5:38

10. Melding Moment 5:13

Length: 61 Minutes