Classical Healing

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Classical Healing – Tom Barabas

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Featuring: Tom Barabas – Piano, Synthesizer Janos Weisz – Violin, Viola Miroslav – Cello Fred Benedetti – Acoustic Guitar Robin Adler – Voice

About Classical Healing

You’ve heard of the Mozart Effect® as an aspect of music therapy and healing. Now you can experience Mozart, Beethoven, Bach and much more including a composition by Tom Barabas himself! These timeless classical music favorites are performed on piano in an elegant new age style by Tom Barabas. The compositions by the great classical composers comprise a superb collection of music that uplifts the heart and soothes the mind, body and soul. The songs have been carefully selected to reflect a relaxing mood and include none of the passionate surprises typical of most classical music. The soothing piano renditions along with additional peaceful instrumental music create an even deeper relaxation experience.

Tom Barabas studied classical music from a very early age in his native Hungry and later when his family immigrated to Venezuela. He always loved the great classics even though later in his career, his music evolved with influences of Latin music, rock music and new age music. Now with Classical Healing, Barabas has been able to combine his love for the classical composers through these new age music interpretations to create very relaxing instrumental music. Includes Earth Resonance Frequency (ERF) for deeper relaxation.


1. Adagio (T. Albinoni) 7:07

2. Suite Number 3 in D – Air (J.S.Bach) 4:35

3. Arioso (J.S.Bach) 5:00

4. Canon in D (J. Pachelbel) 7:35

5. Gymnopedio (E. Satie) 5:52

6. Moonlight Sonata (L.V.Beethoven) 6:20

7. Piano Concerto in C Major (W.A. Mozart) 5:21

8. Nocturne in E Flat (E. Chopin) 4:13

9. Reverie (C. Debussy) 6:31

10. Timeless Spirit (T. Barabas) 6:50

Total Time: 60 minutes