Between Two Worlds

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Between Two Worlds – Daniel Paul

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Featuring: Daniel Paul – Tablas

Fulbright award-winning musician, Daniel Paul takes the rare art of melody drumming on an east west journey Between Two Worlds that uses percussion music as a base but goes far beyond. Daniel artfully blends the ecstatic rhythms of the tabla tarong (tabla drums of India), with Celtic, African, Middle Eastern and Western instrumentation.

About Between Two Worlds

Daniel Paul is joined by a rich cadre of musical friends from Deva Priyo of Lost at Last, performing exquisitely on guitar, sarod and berimbao, to Soundings Ensemble artists Singh Kaur with her haunting vocals, Dean Evenson soaring on flute, and Sonic Tribe’s Scott Huckabay with his stunning guitar harmonics. Daniel shares his Indian style vocalizations on several chant pieces. With his rich background in Indian classical forms and his sensitivity to western music, Daniel Paul brings a new voice to the world of fusion music. Daniel Paul is one of the few musicians in the world to master the tabla tarong, sometimes referred to as the ‘harp of drums’ because of the melodic quality of the drum tunings. This set of multiple tabla treble drums is arranged in a semi-circle around the musician in an ascending chromatic scale and is played with a simple tap of the fingers to create melodies, thus allowing the percussionist to compose musical pieces with the drums themselves. The word tarong literally means ‘waves’ and refers to the almost under-water sounding quality one hears when many table drums are played in quick succession.

The resulting musical experience is an energetic and exotic soundscape, perfect for yoga, pilates and sacred movement. Daniel Paul plays tablas and tours with chant master and kirtan singer Jai Uttal.


1. Radhe’s Possession 4:21

2. The Acacia Rag 3:35

3. Talamala, A Garland of Rhythms

4. Call of the Lorellei 8:24

5. Pandemonium 5:41

6. Lullabye for the Weary Traveler 2:51

7. Morning Traveler 5:02

8. Waking the Warrior Queen 3:10

9. Ticket to India 4:59

10. Suite Crazy Moon 9:06

11. In the Kingdom of Nines 2:49

12. The Ballad of Shanti Ganga 6:57

Total Time: 59 minutes