Amber Sky

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Amber Sky – Dean Evenson, Phil Heaven & Jeff Willson

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Dean Evenson – Flute, Keyboards
Phil Heaven – Viola, Keyboards
Jeff Willson – Piano, Bass

Another musical treat from award-winning, sound healing pioneer Dean Evenson and the
Soundings Ensemble.  Flute, viola, bass, and keyboards combine to set a mood for calm
and gratitude for the beauty all around us.  The warm light from an amber sky reminds
us to see each other with kindness and love in our hearts.

Amber Sky features flautist Dean Evenson teaming up with Phil Heaven who enhances the musical conversation with his exotic and sonorous viola stylings. Also featured is longtime friend and musician Jeff Willson, who adds his unique blend of keyboards and bass to further enrich the music. The result is a mystical interplay of harmony and bliss – the perfect soundscape for a massage, yoga or deep relaxation.

Each day the sun rises and sets, casting our world in an amber glow. Shining a different light on our lives allows us to see things with a new perspective. The warm light from an amber sky reminds us to see each other with kindness and love in our hearts. Flute, viola, and keyboards combine to set an introspective mood of calm and gratitude for the beauty all around us.

When you admire a gorgeous amber sunrise or sunset, you know true beauty in life. These kinds of things make you feel good and you never want the moment to end. There is a perfect amber sky within the soul of each of us. It brings an inner stillness and peacefulness. When we connect with our deeper being, we are able to find that inner beauty. Happiness comes from within. This music is designed for healing mind, body and spirit and will open up your inner light and allow your heart to shine onto the world. Listen as soft airy flutes and violas weave in and out of beautiful celestial ambient textures of deep rich bass, warm piano and synthesizers and lifts your heart. Our hope is that this divine music supports the opening and freeing of your energy and brings you deep and inner peacefulness.

“I have had amazing results with your beautiful healing music for many years for
myself and my clients. Each glorious song takes you instantly into a blissful state,
each one in its unique beauty.”
Jeanne Ellis, LMT, Your Healing Place

“Masterful and melodic, top-selling healing artists create atmospheric arrangements
perfect for deep reflection, relaxation and upliftment.”
Stephen Bonnell, East West Bookshop Seattle

“I load my whole CD player with nothing but Dean Evenson and never get tired of it.”
Karen Wright, LMT. CMT.

Track Listing:
1. Winding Down
2. Reflecting Light
3. Distant Horizon
4. Warming Up
5. Basking in the Glow
6. Rising Rays
7. Ancient Aura
8. Receiving the Light
9. Lullaby of Light
10. Golden Glow
11. Sun Kissing Sky

Total time: 64 Minutes

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