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A Year of Guided Meditations DVD

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A Year of Guided Meditations DVD: 52 Weekly Affirmations with Nature Music and Video Dudley Evenson & Dean Evenson

SP-6010 DVD • UPC 096507-6010-93

FEATURING: Dudley Evenson – Voice, Harp, Tamboura, Dean Evenson – Videography, Flute, Keyboards

A Year of Guided Meditations is a magnificent collection of 52 high-powered affirmations based on practical wisdom and spoken over a background of stunning video images of nature. Dudley Evenson’s soothing voice carries a resonance which opens up the heart to receive the truth inherent in the affirmations.  The soothing background of nature sounds and gentle music of harp and flute supports the meditative experience and allows the principles to integrate more fully. This DVD program was originally presented as the popular DailyOM online course by the same name.  It is designed so one can begin their year anytime and focus on a new meditation each week. Or one can choose a specific affirmation related to an issue they are dealing with at the moment. There is also a benefit in watching and listening to the whole DVD frequently so the ideals may reach deep into the subconscious. Each short affirmation is followed by a musical interlude allowing the principles to integrate internally. These strong yet gentle reminders help us move our thoughts to a higher state so we can live with greater clarity and wisdom.

Includes link to downloadable script of the affirmations Widescreen

• 72 minutes


1 A New Day
2 Breath
3 Relaxation
4 Perfection
5 Healing
6 Attraction
7 Releasing
8 Creativity
9 Purpose
10 Gratitude
11 Love
12 Relationships
13 Family
14 Community
15 Inner Peace
16 World Peace
17 Trust
18 Forgiveness
19 Service
20 Fulfillment
21 Joy
22 Friendship
23 Spirit
24 Intention
25 Focus
26 Compassion
27 Support
28 Non-Judgment
29 Non-Violence
30 Miracles
31 Kindness
32 Patience
33 Respect
34 Empowerment
35 Balance
36 Harmony
37 Communication
38 Giving & Receiving
39 Abundance
40 Going with the Flow
41 Self Worth
42 Hope
43 Justice
44 Integrity
45 Natural Order
46 Responsibility
47 Inner Beauty
48 Change
49 Guidance
50 Bliss
51 Stillness
52 Sleep