A Sound Sleep

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A Sound Sleep – Dudley Evenson Dean Evenson

SP-7216CD • UPC 096507721623


Featuring: Dudley Evenson – Guided Meditations, Harp, Handharp Dean Evenson – Alto Flute, Silver Flute, Keyboards, Nature Sounds

COVR Visionary Award-Winner – Best Specialty Music In a nation of insomniacs,

About A Sound Sleep:

A Sound Sleep: Guided Meditations with Relaxing Music & Nature Sounds offers a solution. This album is designed specifically to help people fall asleep ~ and stay asleep. Dudley Evenson’s soothing voice guides the listener to a deep state of relaxation and helps in letting go of worrisome thoughts. Dean and Dudley’s calming music enhances the process. The gentle nature sounds of rain and ocean waves as well as the subliminal Alpha, Theta and Delta frequencies help lull a person to completely relax and fall asleep.

Track 1 Guided Meditations for Sleep (30:00)

Track 2 Soothing Sleep Music with Subliminal Guided Meditations (31:24)

This album can be listened to all night on repeat. Contains Earth Resonance Frequency Alpha waves plus Theta and Delta frequencies for deeper relaxation ATTENTION: Intended to cause drowsiness. DO NOT USE WHILE DRIVING.

“What a perfect gift for those of us who seek assistance in relaxing, preparing for and experiencing a divine night’s sleep!  In these chaotic and challenging times it is becoming more difficult to relax and rest.  Dudley’s exquisite voice; so perfect, so beautiful, so calming, coupled with the melodious sounds of beautiful instruments and peaceful sounds of nature makes this CD a treasure.   Not only does ‘A Sound Sleep’ support a wonderful night’s sleep, but also provides affirmations for letting go of discordant energies and restoring healthy balance to Body, Mind and Spirit!  Thank you, Dudley, for creating a sleep ‘system’ that will bless so many people with restorative, recuperative, blissful Sleep!” 

– Diana LaDue Hand (Founder/Owner of Wise Awakening)

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