Peace Through Music for Veterans

Chap.Pappas&DeanWhen Veterans Day comes along it gives us pause to reflect on what veterans’ sacrifices and service have meant to the country and at what cost to the individual soldiers and their families.  After the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, we heard horror stories about service people coming back from combat with serious head injuries, loss of limbs and the general downside effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  We had a feeling our music could be helpful in the recovery process and a psychologist friend who was treating returning soldiers suggested we reach out to Walter Reed Army Medical Center (WRAMC) in Washington, DC to see if they could use our music.  After trying the psychology and psychiatry units we were directed to the chaplain’s department.  There we connected with head chaplain clinician Major John Kallerson who as fate would have it was already familiar with our music. He had used Dean Evenson’s music in his own healing process.  How is that for synchronicity!  Chaplain Kallerson ordered boxes of Soundings of the Planet’s CDs to give out to returning combat veterans and their families.  CDs used were Sound Healing, Healing Sanctuary, Ocean Dreams, Healing Dreams, Eagle River and Healing Waters.
We also arranged with him and later with his replacement Chaplain Pappas to do a series of workshops at Walter Reed for patients and staff.   It was a very rewarding time of sharing what we know about meditation, relaxation, breathing, toning, affirmations and the healing power of music.   We were basically teaching soldiers and marines about the Yoga of Sound.  Several people we taught in the lockdown Psych Ward for high-risk patients said the information we offered was the best thing they had gotten at Walter Reed.  Even some of the nurses were able to experience the soothing tones of Tibetan singing bowls and bells. As a result of our involvement with WRAMC, we created a Relaxation Basic Training Guide to help anyone who has had traumatic injuries to use breath, toning, sounds and music to help them return to a state of peace and composure.

Please share with any veterans you know or anyone who has had a traumatic physical or emotional experience and needs to learn how to calm down and find a state of balance.
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