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Peace Through Music & Nature

Dean Evenson has loved nature from his early days as a bird watcher, an Eagle Scout and camping with his family. His peace music began with flute at 10 years old, so as he grew up, the idea of combining nature and music together became a natural course of his life path. In 1979, Dean was one of the first musicians to combine the sounds of nature with his peaceful music and in the process, he helped birth a whole new genre of relaxation and meditation music.

Another influence on his work has been his contact with Native American wisdom that teaches about nature perceiving the Earth as a living being which provides for our physical sustenance. The indigenous people call her Mother Earth and it is this concept that has caught the attention of Dean and Dudley who have dedicated their lives to bringing awareness to the importance of respecting nature. They see nature, not just as a resource for human development, but as having value in itself, for itself. Humans benefit greatly from healthy, natural ecosystems. When nature is out of balance, human populations are affected, not just the animals and plants. It is in all our best interests to do what we can to protect nature and give back to the Earth.

We hope you enjoy this short video of Dean Evenson discussing his philosophy about nature, music and peace.

“When we can relax ourselves into nature and experience the beauty and complexity of the natural world around us, we began to see how we do fit into this amazing system. We realize our responsibility to care for the life that is around us, knowing that life gives back multifold to an energy that’s given into it. You put a seed in the ground, add water and light, and that one little seed grows into a big plant. Some of the plants even have fruits and vegetables that are shareable as food. The natural world is a support system for all life and especially the human population so that we can evolve into greater things. It gives us immense pleasure to be part this beautiful, living system”
~ Dean Evenson

To these ideas of music and nature, Dean adds the concept of peace – both inner and outer peace. For almost four decades, people have been using Dean’s music to support their meditation and healing process. The gentle tones of flute, joined with nature sounds, create a perfect environment of Peace Through Music. When a person experiences inner peace, they will be a peaceful influence on the world around them. Everyone benefits from one individual living in harmony with themselves and their environment.

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4 thoughts on “Peace Through Music & Nature

  1. Thanks for your appreciation of our music. We are always so glad when the music reaches people who are in need of some peace. Have your heard my album A SOUND SLEEP? The first have is guided, the second half no words but it is subliminal. Sleep well!

  2. Your songs are soothing. I listen to them just before I sleep. And the laptop shuts down long after I have slept, which means even my unconscious brain is tuned into your beats !

  3. Thanks Jeanne for your long time support of Soundings music. We are always grateful to hear when our music helps people get into the zone of peace. Blessings to you! Dudley and Dean

  4. I have been listening to Soundings soothing sounds of nature since they were in their infancy with only their first few albums. It is to their music and this space that I always return to when I need to reconnect with self and the earth. This space that brings me calmness, energy and clarity. Thank you Dean and Dudley for your dedication and gift to us all.

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