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Overcome Stress Using Simple Sound Tools

Are you feeling stress? Well, it sure seems like the times we live in are getting more and more crazy. With so much bad news (or even fake news) coming toward us, we tend to stress and get caught up in worrying about what did happen or what might happen to us and our world. Watching too much television or reading too many political posts on Facebook can get us quite worked up and even cause us to lose sleep at night. So, we’re here to remind you of some very basic tools to help overcome stress, whether it involves personal issue stress or stress based somewhere ‘out there’ in the world beyond.

For almost four decades Dean Evenson and I have been involved in creating peaceful, healing music. In the process of following our spiritual and creative path, we have learned of many simple, easy to use techniques that can help reduce the stresses in our lives and many of them involve music, our life passion. We are especially interested in accessing the power within us that is available when we close out all that busyness, the apparent conflicts and dichotomies pulling us in one direction or another. We are looking to get to that place inside where there is absolute stillness and a sense of inner peace and quiet.

Simple Sound Tools to De-stress

Most of the tools you are probably familiar with. Some of our favorites include breath, meditation, music, mantra, chanting, toning and affirmations. We recognize that quieting the mind is easier said than done, especially today when we are instantly aware of events occurring all over the world, many of which have nothing to do with us. What goes on in your mind is really the key. It is what forms your perception of your world. So having some tools or systems to tune into can carry us through troubled times. These are tools that we use to bring us back into that inner stillness, the quiet place within. And just so you know, we are rooting for humanity to thrive in this next coming time but more on that later.

The Basic Sigh

Probably the tool easiest to access is the breath. Simply taking a deep breath in, holding it a moment, and then letting out a long, slow exhalation is a good place to start. This basic sigh can help you reset your mind and body to a more peaceful vibration. Often when we are stressed or afraid, we are practically holding our breath, or at the very least, taking very shallow breaths. With conscious breathing, we are really bringing in the life force. Call it air, oxygen or prana, but know that without it, life ceases to exist. So take those long deep breaths and enjoy the calmness it brings. Focus on the breath and let the random or worrisome thoughts drift away.

Modern life is structured to get us geared up and ready to be productive members of society, or so they say. Drink the coffee and get the treadmill of the fast-paced world. Unfortunately, after all that gearing up we often find it difficult to unwind and settle down or are unable to fall asleep at night. So we need to develop practices that help us to slow down and bring ourselves to that place of inner stillness.

Mantra Affirmation

Repeating a short affirmation or mantra can help clear the mind. Simply saying (or singing) to yourself ‘I am. I am. I am,’ or another such positive phrase, can help to ground and center yourself. Getting the whole body to relax helps as well. Doing yoga or some stretches relaxes the body and at the same time, releases tension in the mind. In fact, one of the most important functions of yoga is not just to make your body strong and flexible, but it is primarily to ‘still or calm the whirlpools of the mind’ according to Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. Walking is another simple way to move the body and calm the mind and conscious walking in nature takes one even deeper.

Often when you’re getting ready for bed and trying to fall asleep, that’s when all the mental chatter comes in. We recommending playing quiet, peaceful music in the hour or so before bedtime so that you can start to calm down from all the gearing up you have done all day. With a regular meditation practice you can develop control over your mental thought processes leading to a more relaxed and peaceful state of being. You can read more about chanting, affirmations, toning and mantra in other blog posts or articles at These are simple tools that will benefit you in the long run and make you a more calm and peaceful person. I believe that whatever peace we have inside us will extend out and when we touch the people around us with our peaceful nature, and they touch the people around them with their peaceful nature, we will surely have a more peaceful world.

Keep in Touch

I hope you watch my video. You can hear the fun story about singing my prayer song for Dr. Larry Dossey. I’m sharing these simple possibilities so you’ll know there are some easy and meaningful things you can do to make your life better. Let me know what resonates with you. I love to hear how others navigate their own turbulent waters. And when you comment on our blog, we’ll send you a free mp3 of our music in gratitude.

8 thoughts on “Overcome Stress Using Simple Sound Tools

  1. Wow, your name is Dudley too! I haven’t met other women named Dudley. Thanks for sharing your process of overcoming stress. It’s often of combination of many things. Be well. Dudley

  2. Dudley – I loved this ever so much ! Breath is the BEST- I love it By IT self but also with the hook ups and affirmations of loving kindness A long with peaceful MUSIC of course!

  3. Karyn, thanks for sharing your process here. Yes, the I AM mantra is so simple and easy to use. Glad it works for you. I love your “Peace. Quiet. Inward focus” as a centering mantra. And of course I agree about music. That’s what we do around here. Many blessings, Dudley

  4. Thank you. This is a much needed reminder in the midst of so much media drama. I love the simple affirmation “I AM.” One of my favorites! Another favorite, both to ground and center as I begin my day, as well as to return to center during a busy time at work, is to quietly (or silently) repeat: “Peace. Quiet. Inward focus.” And of course music. 🙂 Wishing you peace as we head into the holidays!

  5. Cindy, I absolutely agree that playing flute and drumming a heartbeat rhythm can do a lot to help calm a person down. Using your own voice to tone or chant can be super helpful too. Thanks for being in touch. Peaceful blessings, Dudley

  6. Hi Lisa, thanks for your support. I remember meeting you at Il Refuggio’s. And of course you may share my post with your patients and co-workers. I would love to offer a presentation at Peace Health in the mental unit if you could set that up. I also think our music and videos would really help the patients deal with their mental challenges. I’ll contact you separately and perhaps we can set something up. Blessings, Dudley

  7. My husband and I have loved you both for many decades. We got to meet you at Il Refugio having lunch on Father’s Day. So wonderful. I work at Peacehealth hospital in Bellingham at the acute mental health unit. May I share your article and music with our patients? I would love to offer a relaxation/stress management group based on your wonderful suggestions. In my circle, we are all suffering from the stress you describe. Love and warmth to you, lisa and Kerry

  8. Thank you for this lovely video.
    I find that playing my flute or drumming a heartbeat rhythm on a drum takes me to a peaceful place.

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