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Native Healing

Dean Evenson

This deeply meditative music connects you with the still, quiet place within. Long, slow keyboard tones and rich atmospheric arrangements combine with the pure sounds of silver and bass flutes to create a space for inner peace and healing.
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Download “Quiet Call”

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Classical Healing

Classical Healing
Tom Barabas

You’ve heard of the Mozart Effect® as an aspect of music therapy and healing. Now you can experience Mozart, Beethoven, Bach and much more including a composition by Tom Barabas himself! These timeless classical music favorites are performed on piano in an elegant new age style by Tom Barabas. The compositions by the great classical composers comprise a superb collection of music that uplifts the heart and soothes the mind, body and soul. The songs have been carefully selected to reflect a relaxing mood and include none of the passionate surprises typical of most classical music. The soothing piano renditions along with additional peaceful instrumental music create an even deeper relaxation experience. More Info.

Download “Nocturne in E Flat”

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Harmonic Way by Dean Evenson & Scott Huckabay - SOP_7221

Harmonic Way
Dean Evenson

Harmonics are a key to healing with sound. Trance guitarist Scott Huckabay is a master of guitar harmonics, creating pure, bell-like sounds by gently tapping the strings on the neck of his guitar in a perfect ratio. His harmonics and innovative guitar effects resonate with the vibrating frequencies of Tibetan singing bowls played by Dean Evenson and Dudley Evenson who also perform flute, harp and keyboards. Phil Heaven enhances the musical conversation with his exotic viola stylings. The resulting interplay of harmony and bliss with a touch of nature sounds is the perfect soundscape for a massage, yoga session or romantic date. Alpha Frequencies and the Earth Resonance Frequency are included to enhance brainwave synchronization for deeper relaxation. More Info.
Download “Resonant Wave”

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