My Coaching Journey

by Dudley Evenson

I was curious about life coaching and always felt I could be helpful in that field. My life experiences have prepared me in many ways to understand issues people are dealing with. A few years ago, I volunteered at our local low power radio station and met the wives of a couple of the guys working there. These two ladies, Laura and Terri, were both practicing ‘life coaches.’ I realized that my long marriage with Dean Evenson has taught me about relationships; raising children about parenting; our ‘decade of intentional poverty’ and living in a school bus about simple living; running our music label, Soundings of the Planet, about being a successful business owner and entrepreneur; my own life path about healthy living. I had a lot of life experience, but I didn’t know yet how to translate that into being a useful life coach.
Northwest Corner Coaches
Laura and Terri invited me to join the Northwest Corner Coaches Meetup group and I got to know a lot of people in the field. We networked and put on events to raise awareness about the coaching profession. I then trained to be guide and lead AARP Life Reimagined Checkups to help people through the inevitable changes that life presents, especially for people over fifty. After that, I was able to get professional training with Impact Coaching Academy and was fortunate that Terri was my teacher. In the course, I got a full overview on how to be a coach and all that entails on a professional level and recently I received my official Life Coach Certification. I now have several clients and still have some ‘pro bono’ clients who I am working with for free to give me more experience and hopefully in the process, put my new skills to use in helping them move forward in their lives.

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This past weekend, Terri and I led the AARP Life Reimagined Checkup here in Bellingham. We had a great turnout and people got to go through a process of looking at their passions, values, skills and experiences to choose ‘what’s next’ in their lives. This coming Saturday (May 21, 2016), our Northwest Corner Coaches group is sponsoring a free COACHING CAFÉ where we will share more about the coaching field, introduce people to some local coaches and offer the ability to sign up for free coaching sessions to those who attend. Click here for details.I guess you could say I am ‘hanging up my shingle’ and my door is open for new coaching clients. I usually do the sessions on the phone or on Skype so I can work with people anywhere in the world. The conference system I use also records the coaching call, partly for training purposes, but mostly for the client to listen to again and remember all the things we talked about. A 45-minute session flies by and we cover a lot. If you are interested in getting coached by me, please let me know. I would love to share some of my experience to help you live your dreams. I am a big believer in dreams and have been fortunate to be living mine so I want to help you manifest your dreams too!
Dudley Evenson Certified Life Coach

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  1. Thanks Jayne. I am having fun in the coaching field and hopefully helping some people along the way. Blessings to you!

  2. I am interested in hearing more about what having a life coach would look like and the cost involved. Thank you.

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