Sonic Tribe

Since the creation of their debut album, SONIC TRIBE has evolved from its virtual band roots into a high-energy performing group that brings audiences to their feet dancing and carries rhythm, song and chant.

The Tribe
SONIC TRIBE is an extended family of musicians who pull from our tribal roots to create this uplifting, mystical music. With this, our premier self-titled release, SONIC TRIBE opens up new territory to bring you a high energy experience of global oneness. Tapping into the traditions of aboriginal Australia, Native America, the Middle East and ancient India, SONIC TRIBE weaves a multi-cultural tapestry of rhythm that will move you to the beat of the planet.

The Musicians
Trance guitarist SCOTT HUCKABAY draws from his Apache/Chirachachua roots to create a truly shamanic musical performance. GINA SALÁ, who sings in sixteen languages lifts the spirit with original soul songs and chants of many cultures. BETH QUIST, with a four octave vocal range and lead vocalist in Bobby McFerrin’s Voicestra, adds her brilliant harmonies. GREG CALLAHAN lays down the groove on djembe, drumset, world percussion and vocals. DEAN EVENSON lets his flute and digi-horn soar with the eagles as Australian native A.B. holds the deep tones of middle earth with his resonant and rhythmic didgeridoo. JASON DARLING, CRAIG OLSON, and PHIL HEAVEN embellish with percussion bass and viola.

Music by
Sonic Tribe