Mother Earth, Mother Nature, Mothers Everywhere

Curtis Print Comanche MothersThis picture of Comanche Mothers was taken in 1927 by E. S. Curtis and is an original print that was given to us many years ago in appreciation for our work. It was actually the negative holder for this wonderful image of mothers and their papooses, taken during a time when Native American traditions were still somewhat in tact.  We have much to learn from those traditional ways. All mothers everywhere have the same need – to care for their children.  And for mothers to be able to care for their families, they also need to be well cared for.

In 1972, my husband, Dean Evenson, and I attended as videographers the first United Nations Conference on the Human Environment in Stockholm, Sweden.  I was five months pregnant with our first child but that didn’t stop me from hauling a backpack, tent, sleeping bag and our 35-pound video deck connected by a cable to an eight pound camera.  Of course Dean carried much of the heavy load and we managed to get around the conference, videotape and hitchhike throughout Sweden.

At the conference, we were fortunate to meet the 15 Native Americans who were sent over by Stewart Brand, the founder of the Whole Earth Catalog.  They were there to speak about Mother Earth and how the planet is a living being and how her human children are destroying her with their consumptive, polluting ways. This was the first time we had heard the phrase ‘Mother Earth’ and we were fascinated.

Over the four decades since then, we have been with and videotaped many Native brothers and sisters who echoed the same plea to save our precious Mother Earth, the only home we have.  The Earth is the source of all our physical beings and we are totally dependent on her for our survival.  Our very being depends on the health and wellbeing of our planet.  This message resonates even more strongly today as we witness the destruction brought on by climate change, extreme weather and carbon emissions from our overuse of fossil fuels.

So during this season of celebrating mother, we ask that you also consider the Earth and honor her sacred being by respecting her and finding ways to ‘give back’ what you have taken.  Consider switching to renewable energy, growing your own food or supporting organic, non-GMO farming and gardening and taking the time to educate your children, your grandchildren, and all those you come in contact with about this very important way of appreciating nature.  Mother Earth, Mother Nature, whatever you call this precious planet, our very lives depend on how we treat the Earth today.

Also for a limited time, I am giving away a free download of our nature music for those who comment on my blog about our music or about how you find ways to ‘give back to the Earth.’ And for those of you who would like to purchase some of Soundings of the Planet’s relaxing, nature-based music, we are having a super sale on all our CDs at only $9 through May 15.  Use this code at checkout to get the discount – MOTHERSDAY15.

8 thoughts on “Mother Earth, Mother Nature, Mothers Everywhere

  1. Donna, thanks for coming by my blog and thanks for the good work you are doing with conscious radio. Let us know if you would like to use some of our music or do an interview. We are available and have lots to share about about creating a healthy world. Keep in touch!

  2. Great blog, wonderful music, important intention.

    I feature “Earth Day Every Day” with(musician/earth activist G-Dov Gertsweig on my conscious music radio program, The Morning Breeze.” We talk about things that everyone can do to make their environment friendlier to the earth and its inhabitants. Encouraging urban dwellers to make their patio or backyard into a sanctuary for pollinators. Tips on sustainable plants and gardening. Calling for action from representatives to make greener decisions in their legislation.

    I look forward to sharing your message, music, and story.


  3. Heidi, organic gardening is good for you and the planet. Catching water is something we should all do since water is so essential for life and in such limited supply. We have a friend who lives in the desert in Arizona who catches all his own water from rainfall. He stores it in large cisterns underground and at the end of the dry season he still has water! Needless to say, he conserves water and uses a lot less than those of us who just turn on the tap and take it for granted. And thanks for teaching your students. Young people love the Earth and want to help. They will teach their parents.

  4. Dean, you always express what we feel about the Earth in such a poetic way. Yes, now is the time to give back to the source of our lives! Blessings every day.

  5. I do organic gardening. Catch water with rain barrels and as a teacher, teach my students to respect all things on this planet

  6. The opening of feeling the earth as a living entity of which we are a part was a great lesson to learn from the native elders. Our response to the inherent wisdom of all the natural systems continues to be one of awe and appreciation. Now is the time to give back to the Energy that allows us to live on this paradise of a planet.

    Dean Evenson

  7. Brett, you are so right. We need to get going on the renewable energy now. I believe it will create way more jobs than coal trains, oil trains or fracking. And of course it will help the environment!

  8. Great article! Excellent points about doing all we can before it’s too late! It will be a great day when everyone is using renewable energy methods and producing less waste!!

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