Meditation Moments Full Script

MEDITATION MOMENT: 52 Weekly Guided Affirmations


I sit quietly and center myself, breathing deeply and fully. I feel myself firmly connected to the earth as I let the spirit flow through me. I let go of busyness and of anything that may be overwhelming me. I open myself to the new, to new possibilities, to a new day, and to the fresh new cells being constantly created in my body with every breath I take. I feel the refreshing inspiration of new opportunities coming my way. I welcome this new and wonderful time in my life and see it filled with goodness, creativity and peace. I let go of the old and allow the new to come gently into my life.


I sit up straight with my spine erect but relaxed. I take a deep breath, inhaling fully, holding for a moment and then exhaling slowly and completely. I feel the energy my breath brings to every cell and molecule of my being. Inhale. Hold. Exhale. Exchanging energy. Bringing in fresh, new, life giving energy. Letting go of what is old and used. My breath is bringing in the life force.  I let go of what is unneeded. In and out. With each breath, I am restoring and revitalizing myself. I am completely refreshed with each breath I take. I am healthy. I am alive.


I inhale deeply as I tighten all the muscles in my face, squeezing my eyes, mouthand cheeks. Hold for a moment and then exhale as I relax those muscles completely. Now I breathe in and tighten the muscles in my neck, shoulders, andchest. Hold for a moment.  Then exhale and release. Now I breathe in and I make fists with both hands and tighten all the muscles in my hands and arms. Hold those muscles tightly and then exhale and relax. I now focus on my abdomen, hips and buttox as I breathe in and tighten all those muscles. Hold that tension and then release and exhale. I breathe in and focus on my legs and feet tightening all the muscles in that part of my body. Tighten and then release and let go as I exhale. Now I inhale and tighten all the muscles in my whole body, every part from face to feet. Hold that tension and then release as I exhale and relax completely. I let my breathing return to normal and stay in this relaxed state as long as I want.


I live in a perfect universe. Everything in my life works perfectly. I am in harmony with my world. I peacefully accept what happens to me and release what I don’t need. I focus on creating the kind of life I want and draw that energy toward me. I take actions that move me in the direction I want to go. Life is good and I am fulfilled in so many ways. I experience radiant health and peace of mind. I have quality relationships and meaningful activities. I am growing and evolving in ways that excite and fulfill me. With every step I take, I experience support and encouragement. I appreciate the gift of my life.


I focus on radiant health in body, mind and spirit. I accept the condition of my health with love no matter what my mind or the external world tells me about it. I make choices that enhance my health and well-being. I choose foods thatsupport me and I love eating natural, whole foods that are good for me. I enjoy adaily exercise routine that stimulates and uplifts me. I focus on maintaining healthy, supportive thoughts. I breathe in health. I exhale any residue of negativity. I radiate a sense of vitality and strength. I am a perfect picture of health. As I focus on my perfect health, any issues or concerns I have gradually melt away. I am completely and fully alive.


I am a magnet for all that is good in the world. I attract what I want and I’m filled with life’s blessings. I focus on love and attract love into my life. I focus on joy and a sense of joy fills me with its presence. I focus on peace and my world is full of peace, both inside and out. I focus on prosperity and I have what I need and more. It is easy for me to share my gifts. The more I give the more I receive of life’s infinite blessings. My relationships continue to improve and I attract wonderful friends into my life. I focus on creating a perfect life for myself and for those around me and that is exactly what happens.


I release and let go of that which no longer serves me. I let go of unnecessary thoughts and things. I let go of grief and sadness. I let go of judgment of others and especially of myself. I let go of expectations of how I think it should be. I let go of needing to be right. I release feelings of lack and fear. I have enough of what I need. I let go of relationships that no longer serve me. I am supported in all ways. I easily and freely release and let go of thoughts, feelings, and attachments that are not helpful to my being the very best person I can be. I let go of anything that is holding me back from fulfilling my life’s purpose. I am free.


I open myself to the creative flow of the universe to channel directly through me. I allow my eyes, ears, mouth and hands to be tools of the universe to create through me. I joyfully create a beautiful life for myself and for those around me. I apply my innate creativity to everything I do. I specifically welcome the creative spirit to touch the areas I am passionate about. I welcome the discipline that it takes to achieve success in my chosen areas of creativity. I am inspired by those around me and in turn, I become an inspiration to people whether I know them or not. I joyfully create and send forth my creations into the universe.


I know that my life has meaning and purpose. I am coming to understand why I was born. I am discovering my gifts and talents and in the process I am able to have a clearer picture of how I can use my gifts to bring greater meaning to my life. My passion for life is increasing as I discover how I can best be used as a force for good in the world. As I continue to apply myself in the areas of my passion, I find greater clarity of the big picture of who I am and what I have to offer. I peacefully accept myself and trust that my life is unfolding according to plan. I am a co-creator of that plan.


I am grateful for the gift of life and all my many blessings. I am grateful for family and friends and a place to live and food to eat. I am grateful for the earth and the spirit of life. I am grateful for the sun that shines every day and for all the life it creates. I am thankful that I can learn and grow from experiences I may not even have wanted, but that allow me to open up to a greater awareness of myself and my world. I am grateful for love that flows to me and through me. I see all as support for the journey that is my life.


I am open to love flowing to me and through me. I open my heart to all, without conditions. I give and receive unconditional love. I send out love to my family, to my community, to my world. I offer my love to those who might be considered my enemies and they become my friends. I send out love to myself – to my body, mind and spirit. I accept myself unconditionally in all my magnificence. I breathe in love, I breathe out love. Love fills me with its joy and support. I am nurtured in unconditional love. I let go of loneliness and let myself be bathed in the fulfillment of precious agape love.


I am in harmony with my world. I am in harmony with those around me, with my family, my community, my world. I create balance in all my relationships. I feel my connection to the earth, to the human family, to the spirit. I relate well to those who are close to me. I take responsibility for my part in healing family histories that may have carried over many generations. I notice my patterns and work on myself lovingly to overcome anything that might hold me back from having completely harmonious relationships. I accept myself and others with love and compassion and the quality of my relationships is constantly improving.


I honor and respect my family of birth or the family that I grew up with. I accept my position in my family. I honor my parents for who they are and accept without conditions how I was raised. I acknowledge any judgments I might still have and gently let them go. I move forward in my process and forgive the past. I forgive my parents and their parents for their shortcomings. I forgive myself for my own shortcomings. I send out unconditional love to all my relatives. I let my love extend beyond my blood family and feel my connection with my tribal roots and with the whole human family. I accept who we are and focus on who we can become in our highest manifestation.


I feel connected to my community. Whether it is my family, work group, small village or large city, I relate to this group of people in meaningful ways. I realize our interdependence and honor the many ways we contribute to one another’s well being. I am constantly looking for ways I can be of service to those around me. I notice those in need and offer my support. I accept help from others when I find myself in need. I enjoy participating in community events whether they are social, spiritual or work related. I strive to be a contributing member of my community and enjoy the sense of teamwork and purpose that can be achieved when working together as a group.


I allow myself to go to a place deep inside where peace resides. I lovingly let go of disturbing thoughts and feelings that are holding me back. I forgive people and events that may have caused me pain in the past. As I forgive and let go, I notice a sense of comfort surrounding me and replacing any negativity with positive feelings. I sink deeper into this experience of peace and security. I feel a sense of trust and acceptance growing within me. I am learning to connect with my inner core of peace even when events and people around me feel overwhelming. I feel joy in the realization that inner peace is always available to me, no matter what is happening in the world.


I recognize the world for all its drama as a reflection of my own inner experience. As I work to change my perception of the world, I realize I am actually affecting the world around me. As I change how I am seeing the world, the world changes with me. I see beauty around me. I see the goodness in people and honor them for that goodness. I even practice seeing our own national/political world in a different light. I see it as a process and I focus on the evolution of human consciousness as we move toward greater awareness and compassion. I see the world becoming more peaceful and just every day as I myself become more peaceful and fair within.


I trust that my life is evolving perfectly. I accept the world as it is while still striving to improve it however I can. Even though I may have experienced injustice or harm in the past, I am cultivating within me a sense of trust that things eventually work out for the best. With a faith in the healing power of time, I move forward in my life without blocking the goodness that is destined to come my way. I let go of fear and blockages and open to acceptance. I trust in a positive outcome to all circumstances and events. I have faith in the universe to provide the lessons and support I need to be my very best.


I forgive those I feel may have harmed me, either knowingly or unknowingly. I forgive my parents and those closest to me who may have treated me in ways I didn’t like. I forgive whole groups of people who I may believe have acted wrongly. I especially forgive myself for anything I may ever have done that doesn’t measure up to my values and beliefs. I forgive events beyond my control that may have caused me grief or loss. I lovingly let go of judgments that are holding me back from enjoying life at its fullest. As I learn to forgive, I open myself to a glorious feeling of release and acceptance. I find the greatest result when I lovingly forgive and accept myself as I am.


I strive to be of service to my family, my co-workers and my world. I enjoy being helpful and giving of myself to support others. I look for ways I can offer my skills and talents to make the world a better place. I am creative in finding ways to give of myself. I am not looking for appreciation when I offer my services, but rather I am simply making myself available to assist those in need. As I give of myself, I find that I receive a great deal in return, not in terms of recognition, but simply in my enjoyment of being able to help. Being in service is contagious and the more I serve, the more others find ways of serving as well.


I feel the spirit of life filling me with its blessings. I am fulfilled in all aspects of my life. I feel satisfaction in the quality of my relationships. I am fulfilled in my daily work, whether it is the ultimate work I shall do or not. I am creatively and spiritually fulfilled in the many areas of my life. I even find appreciation in the details from washing the dishes to doing other necessary chores. I search for opportunities to explore new territories and discover new aspects so I may extend myself in greater ways. I feel the richness of life all around me as I open myself and expand my horizons.

21 JOY

I let my heart sing with joy. I welcome joy into my life. It is easier than I realized to experience joy’s healing power. Joy fills me up, revitalizing every cell and molecule of my being. I breathe in joy and breathe out sorrow and suffering. I am happier than I have ever been before and don’t even need a reason to feel this way. I laugh a lot and enjoy even the mundane aspects of my life now that joy has become a part of me. My newfound joyful nature attracts people to me who are also joyful and our mutual happiness increases. Life is wonderful.


I honor and respect the friends I have. I appreciate the support that good friendship brings. I reach out to others in friendship and in turn, receive their blessings. If I find myself alone or feeling lonely, I don’t think about my own situation, but instead try to reach out to someone else who needs support. In the process of becoming a better friend to others, I find that people treat me in a more friendly way. I extend myself in friendship to all sorts of people, young and old, near and far, familiar and unfamiliar. I am surrounded by loving people in a very friendly world. I feel safe and supported.


The spirit of life fills me up. My cup overflows with the bounty of life’s many blessings. I take in a deep breath and know that I am breathing in the life force. I exhale and my out breath nourishes the plant kingdom. I am aware of a sense of balance that pervades the universe. I appreciate that I am a part of that balance. I am a channel for the spirit to flow through. I am the individualized hands, feet, eyes, ears, mouth and mind of the great spirit of life. I take care to act and think responsibly as I carry this precious spirit within me. It is a great honor and privilege to be alive and I act in a way befitting this honor.


I am one with the intention of my life. I am attuned to the higher intention of the universe and I flow easily along with it. As a result, doorways open up for me and things fall into place. My life functions smoothly and successfully. As I open to my life’s purpose, I focus my intention on the direction I want to go. I achieve my goals easily. I am able to make decisions and take actions that achieve the results I want. I find meaning in even the smallest things and I am imbued with a greater sense of purpose for my life.


I realize that what I focus on expands. I therefore choose to focus on what is good and beautiful in my world. I focus with gratitude on what I have in life rather than on what might be lacking. In the process of acceptance, many blessings come my way. If I notice a problem, I turn my attention toward its solution. Taking action is a form of focus that leads to manifestation. Turning my awareness toward an issue or person increases its power so I am thoughtful about where I focus my attention. What I apply my attention to increases. I find my own center by focusing on the spirit within.


Compassionate love pours from my heart. I feel a great sympathy toward people in need or in weakened positions. I feel an empathy with all who suffer. I want to reach out and hold in my arms the poor, the sick and the suffering and soothe their troubled souls. My overwhelming sense of compassion leads me to involvement and action. I find ways to apply the yearnings of my heart to help those for whom I am concerned. My compassion extends to all in need, whether I know them or not.


I see everything that happens to me as support. I feel the constant support of the universe as align my individual self with my higher self, the universal self. I am learning to accept even apparent negativity as support. In the process, I benefit and grow from all circumstances. I give support to those in need and in turn, I am supported when I am in need. I reach deep inside where I experience the true nature of support. I may not always understand the form support comes in, but I choose receive anything that happens to me as support and I feel blessed by it.


I am learning to overcome my critical nature. I acknowledge the difference between judgment and discernment. I am turning off the constant ‘I like it’/‘I don’t like it’ inner conversation and coming more a place of acceptance of all that is. As I let go of my judgments and prejudices, I find that I attract more positive people and experiences into my life. I realize that when I focus on what I don’t like, I attract that into my life. I instead choose to focus on what works for me and let go of what doesn’t work. With practice, I find I am able to create the life I want.


I strive to overcome violence in myself, in my thoughts, my words and my actions. I recognize the potency of my thoughts so I am learning to overcome negative thinking. I replace negative thoughts with positive, supportive ideas. I work to react to crises and injustices with solutions and positive responses. I am learning to manage my communications and relationships with skill and tact. As I do so, I am building a community of support that will overcome violence. I realize as I transform my own inner landscape, I am transforming the aggressive tendencies in my world.


Life is a miracle and I feel blessed to be part of that miracle. I open myself to miracles, both large and small. I experience miracles occurring with increasing frequency in my life as I keep my focus in the present moment. I realize the interconnected web of life is a constantly changing living system that can provide solutions and opportunities at the perfect moment. I surrender to the timely manifestation of extraordinary events, amazing situations and phenomenal people to come forth and support my life process.


My way of being is kindness. I treat everyone in my life with kindness, whether they are family members, co-workers or people I don’t even know. By exuding kindness in all directions, I am bathed in gentle waves of support and love. I am caring and gentle in my dealings with people, whether or not they are considerate of me. I act and speak in a way that shows I care about others and go out of my way to help those in need and enjoy their positive reaction. Loving-kindness is the essence of who I am.


I cultivate patience in my life. I notice that I am able to deal with challenges or delays without becoming upset or annoyed. I calmly persevere when faced with events beyond my control. I do not let pain or hurt provoke me to complain or become frustrated. I maintain serenity in the face of problems and in so doing, I find that whatever was a challenge before, gradually diminishes or goes away. As I persist in maintaining a sense of calmness in spite of external events, I find that the quality of my inner being is greatly enhanced.


I show respect and consideration for people around me no matter their age, race, sex, or position. Everyone I come across receives my thoughtful consideration. In turn, I act in such a way that garners respect from others. By being reliable and trustworthy and by generously honoring others, I notice that mutual respect is increasing around me. In addition to my concern for people, I also respect the earth and nature for all it gives to support my life. I respect the divine spirit of life and seek a balance in all my dealings with people and the planet.


I am empowered to be the best person I can be. By turning my focus deep within, I access hidden reservoirs of strength that help me to accomplish what I set out to do. I do not wait for others to give me the power, but rather I accept the spiritual force that I know exists inside me. As I gain confidence in my innate power, I am sensitive toward others and strive to support them to feel empowered as well. Through mutual support, we achieve a sense of personal empowerment and confidence.


My life is in a natural state of balance. I create a healthy balance between work and play, relaxation and activity, social time and alone time. I notice if I am overworked or overwhelmed in my life and I strive to regain my sense of balance by taking time off or making space for inner work. I look at all aspects of my life and acknowledge where I need to find the balance. I look at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of my being and work toward bringing them all into a peaceful state of equilibrium.


I am bringing all aspects of my being into harmony. When I have internal harmony, I am better able to create peace and harmony in the world around me. When I notice conflict in my relationships, I look at how I can contribute to bringing them back into alignment. When I see dissonant relationships or conflict, I gently offer my harmonizing support. By looking for sources of agreement and accord, I am better able to find the harmony that exists beyond the differences. Through appreciation of diversity, we create a more beautiful symphony in the concert of our lives.


I strive for valid communication by tuning into others. In listening, I take the first step toward understanding and being understood. I speak my truth with compassion, always trying to respect the other person’s position. My goal is for clarity and compassionate perspective, even if differences exist. I am persistent in the process of keeping channels of communication open and clear. When difficulties arise, I am patient with myself and others, knowing that if I stay present, the appropriate words will be found to create understanding.


Life is arranged in a perfect relationship of giving and receiving. I breathe in oxygen that the plants exhale, and they breathe in the carbon dioxide that I exhale. It is a perfect symbiotic relationship. I breathe in the life force, I breathe out the life force. I give love; I receive love. Giving and receiving love has the greatest reward. I give for the sake of giving without expectation of return or reward. The more I give, the more I receive of life’s abundant blessings.


As each plant produces hundreds or thousands of seeds that could become the fruit and then the tree, so nature offers all we need to be alive and thrive. We appreciate the prosperous earth which gives a bountiful harvest every season. May we manage the abundance well and caretake this eternal paradise so it will continue to produce its bounty. As the earth offers its abundance and I receive it, I have everything I need and more. I love sharing what I have which enhances the flow of life’s blessings.


Instead of resisting situations I perceive as negative, I flow through them and out the other side. In the process, I become more clear about the quality of life I really want, and I begin to attract those kinds of events to me. By going with the flow, I experience life as it is given to me and learn the lessons being offered, even though I may not have realized I needed them. In so doing, I am better able to create my own reality.


I know my life has intrinsic value. I am a divine being and my life is a gift that I treasure. I believe in myself and don’t let others affect my opinion of myself. I do accept feedback when appropriate without taking it personally. I welcome any information that can help me become a better person. If I notice qualities about myself that I don’t care for, I work toward changing them without judging myself for having those qualities. My confidence and self-esteem are growing as I honor and respect the person I am.


I have high hopes for myself and my world. By being hopeful, I am not avoiding reality, but rather, I am giving a positive direction to my life. I am always looking to see the good in other people and in events that occur. By focusing on the positive, even in apparently negative situations, I am able to transform what is happening in a constructive way. My optimistic approach to life is contagious, and I find that people around me are gradually becoming more encouraged about their future. Together, we are creating the kind of world we want to live in.


I trust that justice is inevitable in the overall scheme of things. As I strive to be fair and reasonable in my dealings with others, I realize I am contributing to the presence of justice in the world. I also know that justice is a condition that often needs strong advocates and I am willing to work hard to bring forth justice where it is needed. I remain positive even in the face of obvious injustices and use my highest principles to counteract the forces of greed and selfishness in the world.


I operate from a place of inner integrity and moral principles. I am honest and truthful in my dealings with others. I honor the innate reality and wholeness of my own life as I perceive it. I speak my truth with compassion and sincerity. I do what I say I will do and people respect me and trust my word. When I communicate, it is from a place of clarity and integrity and I attract relationships that are honest and down to earth.


Nature has an inherent natural order. Sometimes I understand it and sometimes I don’t. Yet, still, I rest assured in the perfection and order of natural systems. I am part of that divine order as are all beings. I open myself to thinking and acting in ways that are in harmony with the natural order of the universe. When I look at just a part of what is happening in my life, I may not see the perfection. Instead, I try to see each event and situation as part of a greater whole and trust that it fits perfectly in the scheme of my life.


I take responsibility for my actions and strive to act in responsible ways at all times. I am accountable for what occurs as a result of my actions and I even accept responsibility for what happens to me as a result of other people’s actions. I don’t blame others when things don’t seem to go my way. By taking responsibility for everything that happens to me, I find I am able to have much greater control over the direction of my life. By being responsive to my world, I am able to shape it in ways that work for me.


I look at the inner beauty of myself and others, rather than seeing only surface levels of being. I appreciate the qualities that reflect love, compassion and support. I don’t judge myself or others for physical attributes, but instead look deep within to see the soul and spirit of the person. As I connect with others on a soul level, I am developing the spiritual aspect of myself as well. By focusing at deep levels of being, my own inner beauty is enhanced.


I honor the inevitability of change. Life is a process of constant transformation and I am learning to flow with what happens in my world. When I let go of my resistance to change, I find that often something better comes along. I ride change like a roller coaster, even with its ups and downs, knowing it all works out if I don’t resist. The improvements that come with change are a welcome gift. Just because I accept change doesn’t mean I am destined to never have stability. On the contrary, my life is grounded and enduring.


I am open to receiving guidance in whatever form it comes. I especially open to my higher self or angelic self so that I may receive divine guidance for the many decisions I make along the path of my life. By adhering to my highest principles, I find that I am in a position to be divinely directed to make the perfect choices that achieve the highest benefit for all. I ask for guidance that will benefit others as well as myself. When I clear and quiet my mind I find I am best able to receive the ideal direction for my life.


I access a place deep inside me of spiritual joy. I recognize that this state of untroubled happiness is not dependent on external events but rather is my inherent state of eternal bliss. As I learn to live by my highest principles and values, I have greater awareness of this heavenly state within me. I nurture this feeling of well-being, especially in situations that appear to be negative. I rejoice and celebrate my ability to rise above any difficult circumstances and in so doing, I find that life unfolds in a much more positive direction.


As I clear and quiet my mind, I surrender to the sacred stillness within me. I let myself be bathed in its soft sweetness. I breathe in deeply and find at the center of my being, the very essence of who I am. I recognize the sacredness that is my eternal self. In this peaceful moment of understanding, I feel my connection with the consciousness at the core of all life. I feel the oneness with all that is. As I go through my days and nights, expressing my individuality and gifts, I often return to this place of sacred stillness to refresh and revitalize myself.


I let go of the busyness of my day and fall gently asleep at the appropriate time. I realize that good sleep is necessary for the full functioning of my body and soul. I am learning to clear my mind and relax my body so sleep comes to me naturally. I allow myself to be gently soothed into a deep, relaxing sleep. I welcome the positive dreams to take me away to a gentle place in my imagination. Sleep is my friend and comes easily to me when I am ready, carrying me off to a place of soothing relaxation. I rest in sleep as long as needed. When complete, I awaken refreshed and revitalized, ready for a new day.

MEDITATION MOMENT: 52 Weekly Guided Affirmations

©2008 Dudley Evenson •

Spoken Word by Dudley Evenson • Music by Dean & Dudley Evenson