Increase the Peace Campaign

Increase the Peace Campaign

We invite you to join us in a campaign to Increase the Peace in our world. This campaign is a commitment to increase the public’s awareness of what we can do to discourage violence and disharmony in ourselves, our community, and our world.

In the spirit of mutual support we offer these ideas of how to help “Increase the Peace.” The following are just a few of the things that you can do. Some of them may seem small and in consequential, but studies show that they can and do reduce violent behavior, especially when done more often by more and more people.

Things you can do to increase the peace:

* Notice your breathing and make sure to fully inhale and exhale
* Take time out to listen to peaceful music and quiet your mind
* Meditate, pray or spend time in contemplation
* Go for walks in nature
* Do yoga or some form of healthy exercise
* Treat yourself to a massage or exchange shoulder rubs with a friend
* Smile and laugh frequently
* Give more compliments (sincere ones!)
* Learn about people who are different from you and reach out to them
* Ask someone’s opinion and listen to their answer
* Listen without being judgmental
* Avoid ‘put downs’
* Volunteer in the community
* Be a youth mentor

Things that families can do:

* Sit down to a meal together several times a week
* Ask how each other’s day went
* Share a problem with a family member
* Share good news with a family member
* Turn off the TV for an hour, a day, a week or a month
* Volunteer as a family in your community

Things that neighbors can do:

* Get to know each other, especially people of other cultures
* Look in on an elderly neighbor
* Organize a neighborhood watch group
* Organize a block party
* Develop a ‘SAFE HOUSE’ network for neighborhood children
* Organize positive youth activities or set up a youth center

Things that parents can do:

* Volunteer at your child’s school
* Read aloud to your child
* Discuss non-violence with your children
* Encourage peaceful behavior and reward fight-free days
* Limit TV viewing and provide family activities
* Monitor the TV shows watched
* Discourage viewing of violent TV shows and movies
* Discourage violent play
* Discourage ‘put downs’
* Remember you teach by example; don’t punish violence with violence
* Encourage self-esteem and be a role model for ‘Increasing the Peace’

Things that businesses can do:

* Give employees flex time to visit their child’s school
* Support a school or a class
* Make waiting areas for families ‘child friendly’
* Have career days when young people can be with employees to learn about careers and the real world
* Create incentives for academic achievement and improved behavior in local schools

Things we can do as a nation:

* Reach out to people of other races, cultures, and religions
* Develop “Sister City” programs with other countries
* Become a “Citizen Diplomat” by visiting another country and meeting the people
* Aid a child in another country by giving monetary support
* Participate in exchange programs
* Learn a foreign language
* Engage in “Pen Pal” or “Email Pal” programs
* Use the internet to study and communicate with other nationalities

Please share these ideas with your family and friends.  Let’s join together and make a difference in our world.