Great Gratitude for All That Is

Cristen ThanksgivingMy daughter always says ‘If you want to feel rich, count your blessings.’  Around this time of year, we start to think about what we are grateful for in contrast to times when we may only notice the lack or pain. Funny how it takes a holiday started by Native Americans and Pilgrims to turn our attention to what is good and wonderful in our lives.

We all have our ups and downs and although we can’t always control what goes on around us, we can learn to control how we react to and internalize what happens in our outer world.  Practicing gratitude can be a powerful ally in finding the peace within every situation ~ no matter what.

Try this gratitude ritual: Sit comfortably and let soft music play in the background.  On paper or in your mind, list the things you are grateful for.  You can start with ‘I am grateful for the gift of life’ and go on from there. You can acknowledge many things you are thankful for in your life or bring just one thing to mind and focus on it.  Write it down or just let it dance across your awareness.  Through rituals like this, you can train your mental processes to be calm in the face of adversity and through gratitude for all that shows up in your life, you will begin to attract the people and events that your truly want.

Check out these albums by Dean & Dudley Evenson to play as you allow your mind to become calm and appreciative for all that is your life.
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