Great Gratitude for All

Did you ever notice that when you are grateful for all, then the great ALL blesses you? So often, we focus on what we want and call attention to what we lack. The universe has an interesting way of working but many people don’t know how it works so they miss the benefit of working within the magnificent system of universal principles. Here’s what we have discovered – when you focus on what you are grateful for, no matter how small or minimal, then you will find that your blessings increase. When you focus on what you lack – guess what – your sense of lack increases. So why not take advantage of working with the universe, and not against it. Deepak Chopra has an interesting way of putting it. He talks about the ‘Sea of Infinite Possibilities.’ Try to imagine this great sea responding to your every need. What happens so often is that we focus on a fear, sense of lack or problem in our lives and the infinite, ever changing sea of possibilities freezes up and is not able to provide us with our needs. On the other hand, when an issue or event comes in front of us, if we choose to let it go without resisting it, it will fall away and not be a problem. Then that glorious universe will continue to move us in the direction of our dreams and our lives will evolve and improve. Approaching life in this way may take some practice as we probably will have to break some old habits of conditioning, but in the long run, we will receive great benefit. So we work on being grateful for ALL (the good, the bad, the happy and the sad) and we will find that we create the kind of life we truly want. Please visit our Soundings of the Planet Facebook page and let us know what you have found works to bring more joy and happiness in your life.