About the Earth Resonance Frequency

EARTH RESONANCE FREQUENCY as presented by Dean Evenson

Let’s talk a little bit about the Earth Resonance Frequency. We are pleased that we found out about this early on in the Soundings history of our label. And, what it is, is the Earth has a cavity, an atmospheric cavity that we all know about, that’s the air we breathe. It covers the entire Earth and encompasses all of nature. It’s a frequency that is natural to the resonance of the space of the atmospheric cavity around the Earth.

So what does that mean? A contained space has a certain resonance. By blowing air into the top of a bottle, you hear a natural resonance. It creates a tone when you blow on it, when you put energy into it. The Earth, in the same way, has a cavity that as I mentioned, encompasses the whole Earth, and it has a resonant frequency also—a frequency that’s sub-audio. And all of nature, all of humanity, all of the world is bathed in this frequency.

In the 50s, a mathematician named Schumann did some calculations and figured out that the Earth’s cavity would have a natural resonant frequency of 7.83 cycles per second. It also has some other harmonic frequencies, but that’s the primary frequency. And all of nature, and all of mankind, the whole Earth, is bathed in this frequency constantly, all the time. As you move into urban areas, you move away from that because the structures and the lack of nature don’t support the contact with that frequency as much. In nature, you’re directly bathed in it.

The interesting thing is, the body, the human body, has its own generating system that generates frequencies out from the brain. And those frequencies are of different types depending upon the activity of the person in the body. There’s a deep relaxation state, which is when you’re sleeping. There’s a relaxation state, and then there’s the Earth resonance state, the alpha state. And then there’s the beta state. The beta state is very fast frequency that the mind is putting out—when you’re busy, when you’re doing stuff. You generate a frequency of above 14 cycles per second. If you’re in a more relaxed state, you generate a frequency that is lower. The next lower frequency is the alpha state frequency, that the brain generates. And it spans a frequency range of mid-7 to 14 cycles per second. Below that there’s the theta frequency which goes down to 3 to 4 cycles per second, and up to 8 cycles per second, 7-8 cycles per second. And that’s a more relaxed state, a deeper meditation. And then there’s the delta state, that is deep meditation and sleep.

As you probably noticed, there’s a place where the Earth resonance frequency fits into the mind’s production of frequencies. And it’s at the area where the alpha and theta frequencies overlap. And it’s in the relaxation zone that the Earth resonance frequency is, naturally. So when you get in touch with nature, you entrain with the frequency of the Earth itself, and you become more relaxed as you tune into that frequency more. And as you relax your body, your body naturally emanates that frequency more.

So it’s kind of a wonderful thing that we’re given, and we add it to our music in a subtle way, that doesn’t dominate the music. It just is there, and supports the being, whoever you are, and whoever I am, to go into a more mellow state of mind. As we bring this music into the urban areas, it helps people get in touch with their natural selves. It along with the music itself, helps people. That is the intention of the musicians to create a peaceful place, with the type of music we play. The combination of that with the Earth resonance frequency creates a very powerful sonic environment that allows the human machine, the human essence, to get in touch with the natural state, and get back to its loving nature again. As you go into meditation, this happens also.

So have some fun out there, and get in touch with yourself, because it’s all within you that the beauty of the experience is. We all have that fantastic gift, to have these bodies to live in, to have this world to live in, and it is just amazing to think that it’s happening. I mean, how did life create itself? We don’t really know. But it’s here, and let’s give thanks every moment of every day for this wonderful gift of life.

~ Dean Evenson, Soundings of the Planet

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