Dream-Big Free Album Gift from Dudley Evenson

Dream Big Summit – October 16-19th

Free gift!

Meditation Moment
Meditation Moment
Dudley & Dean Evenson

Thank you for signing up for the Dream Big Summit,  with Ilona Selke, Dudley Evenson and many other inspirational speakers. Here is the link to your free gift, a free album download that includes 52 weekly affirmations spoken by Dudley Evenson with soothing music by Dudley and Dean Evenson.  Once you click, be sure to check your downloads folder.

Meditation Moment

If you enjoy this album, be sure to check out our more than 80 Cds and DVDs which we have been producing since 1979. You can order here or anywhere downloads and Cds are sold. 

Also be sure to watch out for Dean & Dudley Evenson’s upcoming book Quieting the Monkey Mind: How to Meditate with Music. Coming this November.

You can also listen for free on Spotify for all the music of Dudley Evenson and Dean Evenson. Just do a search for our names and our music will show up.

Peace Through Music blessings!