Dean Evenson on Meditation

MEDITATION is the pathway to the nectar of the soul, the activator of essence, the process of peace and the place where God speaks to us in a still, small voice.  It is a practice of patiently letting go of the Me to becoming one with the Magnificent.  Breathing with awareness allows the mind to be connected to a peace which fills the body with comfort and well-being.  Hope springs from knowing that all is perfect and we all have our part in this mandala of creation.
Just watch the breath and listen to the rhythm of the quiet heart.  A multitude of thoughts will fly on by while the source of all being swells up to clear out the cobwebs and gift us with a tingling flurry of free form energy.
What path is there that leads to such ecstasy?  It is right inside and knows no boundaries of blessings.  It is the unfolding essence leading us on through the soft summer night into the sweet morning light.  We give thanks for knowing this.
– Dean Evenson