Creating Your Own Business Opportunities

Dudley Cristen Bombsheller leggingsCheck out these artistic leggings my daughter and I are wearing that were created by my granddaughter at Bombsheller in Seattle where she works. Artists can submit their own designs and the company will make them into high quality leggings. The artist then receives a royalty for every pair sold.

It’s really fun when people can apply their own creativity and make a business out of it. That’s what Dean Evenson and I did in 1979 with our label Soundings of the Planet.  We started out just making a few cassettes of our music and selling them on the weekends at swap meets and later at arts festivals and conferences.  We kept going and eventually made CDs and distributors found us and we got our music into stores around the country and then online.  We kept persevering and following our dream.

You can do that too. You can create a source of income that can benefit yourself and others.  If you are wondering what to do next or how to fulfill your mission in life, put on some peaceful music and take some time to meditate and consider what it is you really love to do.  What is your favorite thing that makes you happy? What lights you up? Look at that and think about how that can become an aspect of a business or contribute to someone else’s business. You can use your talents, skills and creativity to enhance your own life and also to enhance the lives of others.

The more we tie in our daily practice and our intention with our commitment, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish.  So follow your dreams, find out what makes you tick, what makes you happy.  How can you serve people?  How can you share what it is that you have?  What are your innate gifts?

By the way, you can actually listen to our music for free on PANDORA.  Create your own Dean Evenson station or search for any of our artists.  It’s free!

And be sure to visit Bombsheller, the company my granddaughter works for to see their fabulous options in artistic leggings.  Use the code ‘soundings’ and you’ll receive 10% off.

I would love to hear your ideas for manifesting your own dreams and living the live you love. At the moment I am giving away a free mp3 download to those who comment on my blog.