Chakra Meditations & Tones mp3 samples

ChakraMed&Tones_5x5-72Here are the 16 tracks from Chakra Meditations & Tones for you to listen to on this private page.

Here’s a link to the album page for overview and purchase –
Chakra Meditations & Tones


1.Root Meditation
[grandmp3 id=6249 autoplay=false]
2.Sacral Meditation
[grandmp3 id=6250 autoplay=false]
3.Solar Meditation
[grandmp3 id=6251 autoplay=false]
4.Heart Meditation
[grandmp3 id=6252 autoplay=false]
5.Throat Meditation
[grandmp3 id=6253 autoplay=false]
6.Third Eye Meditation
[grandmp3 id=6254 autoplay=false]
7.Crown Meditation
[grandmp3 id=6255 autoplay=false]
8.Balancing Meditation
[grandmp3 id=6256 autoplay=false]
9.Root Tones
[grandmp3 id=6257 autoplay=false]
10.Sacral Tones
[grandmp3 id=6258 autoplay=false]
11.Solar Tones
[grandmp3 id=6259 autoplay=false]
12.Heart Tones
[grandmp3 id=6260 autoplay=false]
13.Throat Tones
[grandmp3 id=6261 autoplay=false]
14.Third Eye Tones
[grandmp3 id=6262 autoplay=false]
15.Crown Tones
[grandmp3 id=6263 autoplay=false]
16.Balancing Tones
[grandmp3 id=6264 autoplay=false]