July 4th

Celebrating our Interdependence

On July 4th we celebrate America’s ‘independence’ from Britain.  That was a big step for the former colonies at the time and one that produced shock waves around the world as people from many nations decided they were ready to move on from monarchy and dictatorships running their lives.  Now, hundreds of years later, we have made a lot of progress toward democracy yet there are still  monarchies and dictators who rule much of the world.  Some would even consider the power that corporations have on us as a form of dictatorship, causing us to consume what we don’t really need, polluting our sacred earth and steering our actions toward their own desires.
We live in a world of extremes where some have more than necessary and many have less than they need.  How can we reclaim our citizenship and restore a sense of balance to our lives?  A good first step is by recognizing the interconnectedness that is our ever present reality and honoring the ‘interdependence’ we have with one another and all of nature.  We are truly one people and one world and when we focus on the blessing of that truth, we can create the world that truly supports each of its citizens.  What we do as individuals affects our family and the world around us.  When we join with others and create actions that have a positive effect on the planet and our community, we are exercising our rights as true world citizens.  Together, with conscious intention and focus, we can make this world a better place.  





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