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Dream Big Summit

DREAM BIG SUMMIT with Dudley Evenson

Have you ever wanted to know exactly how to manifest your purpose, your soulmate, and a better life for yourself, and even the planet? Or, do you need some inspiration to stay motivated and keep the faith in these challenging times? Join me DUDLEY EVENSON on the DREAM BIG SUMMIT

Sign up FOR FREE and listen to myself and 30+ speakers presenting deep insights into how magical this universe is, and what you can do to help bring about a greater life for yourself and the planet. Learn how to Dream Big and how to make a difference on this planet!
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I’m very grateful to be part of this panel of accomplished speakers all sharing their wisdom and knowledge with you. These incredible speakers, wisdom keepers, and authors from around the world share STEPS you can take to CREATE YOUR DREAM into 3-D REALITY.

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Dream Big Summit Oct 16-19
Dream Big Summit with Dudley Evenson, Ilona Selke and 30+ new thought leaders

Have a look at the awesome speakers and their topics at this link

The Dream Big Summit will help you create a better life for yourself ad the planet.
TOPICS range from: • Soulmates and how to create better relationships • Activating your inner potential • Dolphins and the power of their consciousness • Near-death experiences • Miraculous healings • Quieting the Monkey Mind • Meditating with Music • How to walk through fire into your authentic self • Healing through music • Awakening your body, mind, and soul with breath into ecstasy • Accessing the power of the subconscious mind and soul • Transforming deep subconscious beliefs • Entering the holographic universe • How to shift dimensions • Conflict resolution techniques • Human Happiness • How to teach your children to reach multidimensional awareness • How to handle teenage problems • How to mediate instead mitigate • Protecting yourself from harmful electro • ET’s and HYBRIDS • Remote Viewing ….and many more topics


During this FOUR DAY SUMMIT from October 16 to 19, I am teaming up with 30+ experts in the field of the human potential movement. We will all share tips, advice, and strategies on how to tackle some of the common human issues and desires. This is just a sample of who’s going to be at DREAM BIG Summit 2017. I am excited for you to join this team of Dream Makers! Sign up today.

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Big Secret success principles

The Big Secret: Dudley Evenson co-authors book with Jack Canfield

Dudley Evenson co-authors book with Jack Canfield. The Big Secret launch is May 4th. Learn how to achieve the health, wealth, and lifestyle you desire.

As a life coach, I have long been an admirer of Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul author) and the life wisdom he imparts so it is a great honor for me to be included in his new book The Big Secret. Together with other successful entrepreneurs and professionals we share our secrets for how you can achieve the health, wealth, and lifestyle you desire.

I think you will find nuggets of wisdom among all the contributors and so I hope you will help us reach the best seller list by purchasing your copy on launch day May 4th. If you feel inclined to become part of our success, here is the link to buy The Big Secret on amazon.

Big Secret book by Jack Canfield, Dudley Evenson and success leaders

My chapter is called “The Harmonious Sounds of Success: A Story of Peace Through Music.” It was fun to share some of Dean Evenson’s and my adventures and learning experiences on our way to successfully living our dreams. Jack Canfield offers his own perspectives in how to attain success in life and the other authors have great stories too.

Many thanks for considering being involved in this book launch.

Setting Intention actually works

Setting Intention Works!

The three main goals I set my intention to accomplish a year ago, I have actually manifested. When I looked back at my Never Too Old To Learn Something New January blog of last year, I was pleasantly surprised to notice that I had achieved my goals in the three new areas I had decided to set my intention on.

It’s never too late to learn new things. My sweet husband, Dean Evenson, had given me a ukulele and I wanted to learn to play it. The process of developing a new skill wasn’t without mishaps like when I fractured my elbow a few months later and had to wait for it to heal before I could practice again. I kept working on it, got a few lessons, watched some YouTube videos and practiced till my fingers had callouses. Now that I have learned a dozen chords, I can play along on the ukulele and enjoy singing the songs I love.

The second new area I wanted to develop was to become a certified life coach. I have been involved in a local life coach group and have always had an inclination to counsel people who had a dream but didn’t know how to bring it to fruition. Since Dean and I have been fortunate to live our dreams, I wanted to be able to help others live their dreams too. An opportunity came up for me to get professional training in the fundamentals of life coaching so I jumped at the chance and took the course. Once the training was completed, I took on some pro bono clients to practice my skills and eventually have been able to add more clients and see them to success in many areas.

The third intention I set was to finally write the book that has been brewing in me for a long time. Dean and I have taught workshops on sound healing and meditation and people have asked me to provide more information so a book was a perfect outlet to share what we know. Now a year later, How to Meditate with Music Guidebook has gone through the preliminary editing process, the images have been selected, and I have even designed the cover. Soon I will turn it over to my graphics designer to perfect the layout and then it will be ready to publish. Before that happens I will be sending out preliminary copies for people to read and give me feedback so let me know if you are interested in reading it before it goes to print.

Oh, and the book writing has a postscript. I am getting to contribute a chapter to a new Jack Canfield book called The Big Secret. You’ve probably heard of Jack Canfield as co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. This new book that I will be a part of is stories from leading entrepreneurs and professionals revealing their big secrets for achieving success in the areas of health, wealth and lifestyle. I will keep you posted when this book is released.

And finally – journal, journal, journal. Write down your thoughts and dreams. What turns you on? What lights you up? What is holding you back? Notice your blockages. Make lists. Clarify your vision. Journaling can be a helpful way to move forward in life and get what is mulling around in your head out and on paper so you can tackle the tasks that are required to manifest your dreams.

Good luck and blessings on your path. What is your intention in the coming year? Write it down. Commit to taking steps, no matter how small, toward your goals. You can do it! We love to hear from you and when you comment here we’ll send you a free mp3 of our music.



Riding waves of change

Surfing Waves of Change in Sea of Infinite Possibilities

Change is a constant factor in our world but few know how to successfully circumnavigate unwanted events or issues that show up in life. During our four decades together, Dean Evenson and I have discovered some helpful tips on how to sail through changes of life’s inevitable ups and downs and move forward in a positive way. Today, we share some of those ideas with you.

Years ago, we were living in an old farmhouse in upstate New York with some fellow video artists. We had recently learned the concept of ‘go with the flow’ but hadn’t really had a chance to put this principle into action. Soon we got our opportunity. Our landlord decided to evict us – and we found ourselves facing a cold winter with no apparent place to go. We decided to apply our newly discovered principle and allow ourselves to ‘flow with the changes’.
Instead of complaining about our predicament, we said to ourselves ‘there must be something better coming along’ and we prepared to move forward. Our neighbors and friends were very surprised at our attitude and watched us as we approached a big transition in our living situation without knowing where it would take us. Fortunately, we ended up finding another country house near Woodstock, New York that was large enough for us and a few others. We packed up and moved our whole household there just in time to beat the winter snow. From then on, with every change that came our way, we kept a positive attitude and things always got better.

Years later, we heard Dr. Deepak Chopra explaining what he calls ‘the sea of infinite possibilities.’ We were very inspired by his approach to being open to and actually benefiting from change. He said that since we never know what’s in store for us and sometimes so-called ‘bad’ things happen, we often resist them and let our fears rule us. He suggested we imagine behind us a sea of infinite possibilities, ever undulating and evolving that is always ready to present us with favorable choices. He pointed out that fear, worry and getting upset cause these potentials to freeze up and block the flow the universe is able to provide for us.

Sometimes our life is out of our control, at least for the moment. Big social events and personal or family issues may sweep us into an unknown not-of-our choosing. Suffering happens. Old age, sickness and death are common forms of suffering first recognized by Buddha. As young Prince Siddhartha, he had never seen such things until one day he escaped the confines of the palace and came across those very conditions. He was horrified and commenced on a quest for understanding how to overcome suffering. In his process, he underwent many trials and tribulations before coming across meditation, the Middle Path and the peace of a quiet mind. The first step in the Eightfold Path he postulated is ‘Right Perception’.
When things happen that are not to our liking, often the only thing we have control over is our own perception of the situation and how we react to it. When we can embrace change and tap into the ever evolving sea of infinite possibilities, we open to the opportunity of transforming what we initially perceive as a negative, into something much more positive. By simply keeping an optimistic attitude, we find ourselves working with the universal flow instead of against it. This in not to suggest letting yourself be randomly blown by the wind. Instead, no matter that happens, it is important to stay focused on your principles, values and goals. They are your moral compass and the direction your path is heading, no matter a few swerves in the road. By having a clear sense of purpose, when challenges do arise that you don’t have immediate control over, you can take a deep breath, pick yourself up, face the direction of your dreams and move on.
We would love to hear how you have learned to cope with change in your life. Let us know what tools you have used to keep going when unexpected or unwanted things happen in your life. Remember, when you comment here on our blog, we’ll send you a free mp3 track of our music as thank you.

My Coaching Journey

by Dudley Evenson

I was curious about life coaching and always felt I could be helpful in that field. My life experiences have prepared me in many ways to understand issues people are dealing with. A few years ago, I volunteered at our local low power radio station and met the wives of a couple of the guys working there. These two ladies, Laura and Terri, were both practicing ‘life coaches.’ I realized that my long marriage with Dean Evenson has taught me about relationships; raising children about parenting; our ‘decade of intentional poverty’ and living in a school bus about simple living; running our music label, Soundings of the Planet, about being a successful business owner and entrepreneur; my own life path about healthy living. I had a lot of life experience, but I didn’t know yet how to translate that into being a useful life coach.
Northwest Corner Coaches
Laura and Terri invited me to join the Northwest Corner Coaches Meetup group and I got to know a lot of people in the field. We networked and put on events to raise awareness about the coaching profession. I then trained to be guide and lead AARP Life Reimagined Checkups to help people through the inevitable changes that life presents, especially for people over fifty. After that, I was able to get professional training with Impact Coaching Academy and was fortunate that Terri was my teacher. In the course, I got a full overview on how to be a coach and all that entails on a professional level and recently I received my official Life Coach Certification. I now have several clients and still have some ‘pro bono’ clients who I am working with for free to give me more experience and hopefully in the process, put my new skills to use in helping them move forward in their lives.

Coaching Cafe graphic 600
This past weekend, Terri and I led the AARP Life Reimagined Checkup here in Bellingham. We had a great turnout and people got to go through a process of looking at their passions, values, skills and experiences to choose ‘what’s next’ in their lives. This coming Saturday (May 21, 2016), our Northwest Corner Coaches group is sponsoring a free COACHING CAFÉ where we will share more about the coaching field, introduce people to some local coaches and offer the ability to sign up for free coaching sessions to those who attend. Click here for details. Continue reading My Coaching Journey

Healing Conflict by Changing Our Telepathic Agreements

Do you have anyone in your life who pushes your buttons or you feel has wronged you or hurt you in some way? Perhaps you feel they are judging you and you just can’t get over the sense of conflict that exists in that relationship. Well, there is a solution to this pervasive sense of conflict that disturbs your inner peace that you might want to try.

Consider this idea. Do you know that we have telepathic agreements with the various people in our lives? When we think of that certain person, we have a standard thought or feeling that pops up. We may feel anger, distrust or frustration. These feelings influence the actual relationship and we can change them for the better by using a simple technique.

Years ago I was introduced to the idea of ‘Changing Your Telepathic Agreement’ with someone you are in conflict with. The way it works is this – in a meditative state you bring that person into your consciousness and you speak to their ‘higher self’. At the beginning, you let them have it. In other words, you say all the things that are bothering you about that person, words that you might not want to say in person but what you are truly feeling. By the end of the first session, you shift and begin to say things like ‘but I understand how you may have become this way’…or ‘I know you are trying to your best.’  You do the meditation day after day with each successive day having less of the first part (‘you make me mad, you hurt me’) and more of the second part (‘we are getting closer to understanding, I forgive, etc.).

You can also create a forgiveness mantra and sing it to yourself.  It could be something simple like ‘I forgive you and you forgive me.’ Give it a melody and sing it whenever the person comes to mind. If you do this practice with conviction and repetition, you will find that soon, your projection of the conflict is changing and no matter how much they may have harmed you, when you think of that person, your thoughts won’t carry as much charge, and eventually you will find a peaceful resolution of the conflict with them.  In any event, you will have more inner peace and isn’t that what forgiveness is all about?

I know this works as I inadvertently discovered it over 40 years ago when I prepared for the birth of my first child. For about a decade, I had a long-standing conflict with my parents and I had felt terribly judged by them which hurt me deeply. As I approached my own parenthood, I decided to thoughtfully look at what was going on.

One day, I had the startling realization that I had equally strong judgments about my parents as they did of me. It occurred to me, on the eve of my becoming a mother, that I couldn’t change them, but I could change myself. I could let go of my judgments and love them unconditionally. With some effort, but also with a great feeling of relief I did just that. I let the love return that I had felt in my earlier years, and I just appreciated my parents as who they are, not who I thought they should be. Interestingly, within a few weeks, we had the first real communication in years. I hadn’t sent them a letter or called to announce my change of heart, but somehow, it had gotten through, and we renewed our family ties.

I hope you will be able to use this practice to heal all the relationships in your life. Let me know how it goes. And for those who comment on my blog, I’ll send them a free mp3 music track as a thank you!

Never Too Old to Learn Something New

Well, nothing stretches your brain more than venturing into the unknown and learning new things and that is exactly what I am doing.

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.” ~ Henry Ford

At age 71 I didn’t expect to be in such a learning mode, but for some reason I find myself engaged in three new activities that are stretching me in different ways. On a whim, my sweet husband, Dean Evenson, gave me a ukulele for Christmas. I had been noticing ukuleles lately and thought I might like to try playing one and presto – there it was at the foot of the tree looking very much like a miniature guitar. So, then of course I had to figure out how to hold it and tune it and position my fingers in strange contorted ways to make chords and then find ways to strum it in a rhythm and make it sound like music.

It’s so cute and tiny and much lighter than the hand harp I am used to playing. My first step was to get a lesson from a friend who happens to play one. She showed me the basics and then I was off and running and looking at a month long trip where I could focus on practicing some chords and learning songs and such. So that’s what I’ve been doing. I’ve gotten pretty good at ‘You Are My Sunshine’ which happens to be a favorite song of mine anyway and since it only has three chords, I’m good for now playing C, F and G but I will keep learning more.

Another thing I am doing that I have never really done is writing a book. Oh, I have written articles, blogs, stories, copy and flyers for 80 albums, an unfinished memoir and all sorts of short pieces, but now I am actually working on a whole book which I intend to publish. Well, it probably won’t be a big long book but it does involve something I have been interested in most of my life and have taught workshops about and pretty much lived for the past 40 years. It’s a book about how to meditate with music. I am bringing together material from courses I have taught and the numerous articles and blogs I have written – all about the many ways music and sound can be used to support the meditation process. Do you think you would want to read a book like that? I hope so.

The third big new thing I am doing is taking a professional life coach training class. This is a twice a week live call with an experienced coach trainer and involves lots of hands on coaching and all sorts of things that help a person develop a professional coaching practice. I have always been interested in coaching and tend to often be in the position of mentoring or encouraging friends and family on ways to improve their lives. I have been part of a local coaching group and was trained to be an AARP Life Reimaged Checkup facilitator, but now with this class, I am really getting a sense of the potential for taking the life coaching path much more seriously. I am enjoying learning new things in the class and no matter how far I get in the field, I am already benefiting by learning to be a better listener and ask powerful questions.

Like stretching and exercising our muscles to keep our bodies healthy, we need to stretch our brain to keep it in shape. Continue reading Never Too Old to Learn Something New

Journaling to Start New Year by Clearing the Old

Do you ever feel that you are dragging old issues and concerns along behind you that get in the way of starting things fresh and new? I’ve been feeling that a lot lately so have decided to start the year out right and really use my journal to unload any concerns from my mind and get them down on paper where I can look at my thoughts and then release them. And it’s working! Journaling is a great way to remove stuck energy and release old stories. In fact, so often the stories that get in the way aren’t even our own, so putting them down is a way to identify to whom they really belong.

We care deeply about our friends and family members but sometimes they are working through stuff that we really don’t have any control over – so instead of worrying about them, we may find getting those stories on paper is the best we can do. It also helps me to see the whole picture versus just the situation that has recently presented itself. As much as I love writing on the computer, I am finding that sometimes pen and paper are more effective in dealing with personal and emotional issues.

Another reason to use an actual journal is to keep me from getting distracted by all the options online. From emails and Facebook to YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and the news, there are so many things to grab my attention. With a journal, you can curl up in a chair or sit on a park bench and communicate with yourself. It’s also a great place to jot down ideas, dreams and plans for future reference. Continue reading Journaling to Start New Year by Clearing the Old

Manifest Your Dreams Through Intention & Consciousness

We can best create the life we want when we come from a place of intention and tap into our higher consciousness for guidance and direction. Acting with a sense of purpose, our lives then unfold with meaning rather than as a random series of events that ‘happen to us.’  We make our lives meaningful when we live with intention and purpose.
Dudley Evenson prayer hands
In Dr. Wayne W. Dyer’s book The Power of Intention, he recognizes that everything in the universe operates with intention. This is much greater than simply focusing all our energies in one direction with dogged determination but rather, intention exists all around us inherent in all things. The intention of the acorn is to become a mighty oak. We can discover the meaning and purpose in our lives by tuning into universal intention. This concept resonates with the way we create our music with its high level of intention for the purpose of healing and reflecting the beauty and wonder of nature. The music transports the intention on carrier waves of sound. And from what people tell us, it seems to work.

In terms of the chakra system, I recently took a class with master teacher Anodea Judith on Manifesting Through the Chakras. What struck me profoundly was her process of starting at the 7th or Crown Chakra level when imagining the kind of life we want. It is here at our highest, most spiritual level where we set our intention.  Here is where our dreams begin. From this place connected with universal consciousness, we work our way down through all the chakras to gather the energies and tools to make our dreams come true.

I welcome your thoughts and ideas. When you comment on my blog I’ll send you a free mp3 music track!
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Creating Your Own Business Opportunities

Dudley Cristen Bombsheller leggingsCheck out these artistic leggings my daughter and I are wearing that were created by my granddaughter at Bombsheller in Seattle where she works. Artists can submit their own designs and the company will make them into high quality leggings. The artist then receives a royalty for every pair sold.

It’s really fun when people can apply their own creativity and make a business out of it. That’s what Dean Evenson and I did in 1979 with our label Soundings of the Planet.  We started out just making a few cassettes of our music and selling them on the weekends at swap meets and later at arts festivals and conferences.  We kept going and eventually made CDs and distributors found us and we got our music into stores around the country and then online.  We kept persevering and following our dream.

You can do that too. You can create a source of income that can benefit yourself and others.  If you are wondering what to do next or how to fulfill your mission in life, put on some peaceful music and take some time to meditate and consider what it is you really love to do.  What is your favorite thing that makes you happy? What lights you up? Look at that and think about how that can become an aspect of a business or contribute to someone else’s business. You can use your talents, skills and creativity to enhance your own life and also to enhance the lives of others.

The more we tie in our daily practice and our intention with our commitment, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish.  So follow your dreams, find out what makes you tick, what makes you happy.  How can you serve people?  How can you share what it is that you have?  What are your innate gifts?

By the way, you can actually listen to our music for free on PANDORA.  Create your own Dean Evenson station or search for any of our artists.  It’s free!

And be sure to visit Bombsheller, the company my granddaughter works for to see their fabulous options in artistic leggings.  Use the code ‘soundings’ and you’ll receive 10% off.

I would love to hear your ideas for manifesting your own dreams and living the live you love. At the moment I am giving away a free mp3 download to those who comment on my blog.