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Life is our Dream

by Dudley Evenson
I awoke one morning from a bad dream full of frustration and inability to control what was happening to me.  Sometimes dreams are like that, but not always…

Does your life ever feel like a bad dream?  Well, change the dream!  You have the power to change your dreams.  You dreamed your life into existence exactly the way it is.  Do you love it?  Do you feel frustrated by it?  Life is an evolving dream.  You have the power and responsibility to keep the dream alive and fresh by constantly working it until it works for you.  You are the dreamer.  Your life is your dream.

You are also part of a larger dream.  God’s dream.  The dream of Creation.  Nature’s dream.   Look around you at the beauty and perfection of the natural world. Now look around and see what man has done to this natural beauty.  Sometimes it works, but too often it doesn’t.  We are also a part of society’s dream, of humanity’s dream.

We still have the power to change humanity’s dream. We are part of the human family which is dreaming the life of society.  What kind of dream do we want to have for ourselves, for our families and friends?  If it isn’t what we see around us, then we really need to get to work and help evolve humanity’s dreams!

Here’s some dreamy Soundings music to go along with your dreamscapes –
Ocean Dreams, Healing Dreams, Spa Dreams, Dreamstreams

Mountain Meadow Meditation - Dean Evenson and Scott Huckababy


LOVE is the 11th track in A YEAR OF GUIDED MEDITATIONS DVD and the MEDITATION MOMENT CD.  Use this short affirmation “I give and receive unconditional love” on a daily basis.  Here is more background on the process of bringing more love into your life.

Giving and receiving unconditional love needs to become as basic to us as breathing in and out.  The heart is the center of our circulation system where energy is transformed and carbon dioxide and oxygen are exchanged.  Nothing happens without the other so if we wish to be loved, the best action we can take is to give love.  By turning our focus toward giving love to others, we open ourselves to be the recipients of love.  One of the greatest challenges we face is being able to truly love those we may not even like or those whom we consider to be enemies.  The honest expression of love can transform animosity into friendship, hatred into love, and threat into support.  In the process, we need to also remember to love ourselves.

Say this Love Affirmation aloud or silently to yourself: “I am open to love flowing to me and through me.  I open my heart to all, without conditions. I give and receive unconditional love.  I send out love to my family, to my community, to my world.  I offer my love to those who might be considered my enemies and they become my friends.  I send out love to myself – to my body, mind and spirit.  I accept myself unconditionally in all my magnificence. I breathe in love, I breathe out love.  Love fills me with its joy and support.  I am nurtured in unconditional love.  I let go of loneliness and let myself be bathed in the fulfillment of precious agape love.“

Soundings of the Planet Triple Winner COVR Visionary Awards

Bellingham, WA – Independent artist-owned label Soundings of the Planet is pleased to announce that Dean and Dudley Evenson are the recipients of three Visionary Awards by the Coalition of Visionary Resources at the recent INATS Trade Show in Denver.   Since their founding in 1979, Soundings of the Planet has been honored by their industry with numerous Visionary Awards for their popular healing and world music.

REIKI OM’ won Best Innerspace/Meditational/Healing Music as well as the coveted MUSIC OF THE YEAR.  Dean and Dudley collaborated with prodigy Henry Han who plays the 21 string Chinese zither called the ‘guzheng’ which gives the album its Asian feeling.  In addition to the flute, harp, Tibetan bowls and tamboura played by the Evensons, they are joined by Soundings engineer, Phil Heaven, on viola.  The album has become quite popular among Reiki practitioners as well as other healing arts therapists.  Jennifer Yost, MA, Reiki Master says “Reiki OM nurtures and envelops the listener, gently flowing inward, and opening the healing journey Reiki provides. A blend of blissful melodies that beckon and cleanse the body, mind, and soul, attuning with the rainbow vibration of Reiki energy.”

A SOUND SLEEP: Guided Meditations with Relaxing Music & Nature Sounds’ was the Visionary Award-winner for Best Specialty Music. This is the second album with Dudley Evenson’s guided meditations to win Best Specialty Album.  (The first was ‘Meditation Moment: 52 Weekly Affirmations.’)  Alice Berntson of New Connexion Journal says “Dudley’s soothing voice guides listeners into deep relaxation, encouraging us to let go of the thoughts and chatter in our minds that interfere with sleep. All this truly will help insomniacs drift off to sleep.” 

Summer Solstice and sunshine at last

After a rainy winter and spring, we in the northwest are grateful that summer has finally arrived.  Our newly planted apple trees are growing.  On the Solstice we celebrated with our neighbors and friends at Turtle Haven walking their beautiful meditative labyrinth. Singing songs by the fireside under a starry sky reminded us of the loving earth based community that we live in.  Our granddaughter Cybele just graduated from high school so there is lots to celebrate, even as world news isn’t always so positive.  We hope that your summer is wonderful and relaxing and your garden grows abundantly!

Plant An Apple Tree for Every ‘Apple’ Device You Use

It’s always a good time to be thinking about the planet and how we can help reforest the earth in our own time.  What do you think about this simple idea to aid in the re-greening of our home planet? = PLANT AN APPLE TREE FOR EVERY ‘APPLE’ DEVICE YOU USE. 
In our modern lives, we use many wonderful technological devices to tie together various aspects of our lives including smart phones, laptops, computers, iPods, iPads, etc.  At Soundings of the Planet, in our business and creative studios, we use a lot of ‘Apple’ devices. Do you? We find them helpful in many ways but like all technology, there is an environmental detriment that occurs in the making and using of technology.  A cascade of eco costs are accrued from the taking of natural resources out of the ground to the processing, packaging, transporting, distributing and then ultimate discarding of the device.  It’s not about Apple or Windows or any of that.  It’s about the lifestyle that we all (or at least many of us) live as we are go about our lives in the modern world.  Because of all this, we have a yearning to protect and give back to the planet in some way.  So with that in mind, Dean and Dudley Evenson, Soundings of the Planet co-founders, decided to launch the APPLES 2 APPLE TREES campaign and encourage people who use and enjoy the devices of any of our modern technologies to plant a tree or support the planting of trees around the world to help mitigate the environmental degradation that occurs from our use of the devices.  Even if you plant just one tree, you have represented yourself in a good way for future generations.  After all, food is life and what we eat and how we get it is the basis of who we are.  Remember that old saying ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away.’  Planting an apple tree will help many people for generations to come keep the doctor away and help the planet at the same time.  Will you join us in this effort? Please visit and ‘Like’ our Facebook page and keep us posted on your tree planting progress.

Saving our Sacred Earth




A Message from Dean Evenson
At this moment in time, we can clearly see the crucial effect our lifestyles are having on this small sphere of luscious life we call home. This precious blue green planet contains all the known elements and relationships which make life possible. The air we breathe and the water our bodies are made of contain molecules that have been recycled and reused since time began.  We are just beginning to understand how diverse the biological and physiological aspects of life are and how complex are the intricate relationships of the diverse web of life.  We are also recognizing that the spirit of life plays a vast and essential part in the continued functioning of our world.  The drive to achieve a greater level of being is built into all living systems. As we broaden our perspective, we recognize the magical mystery of life as a big picture, including all beings and all matter as part of the energy that keeps life humming, and we can begin to glimpse this magnificent form we call Sacred Earth.  Let us focus together on manifesting a healthy home where for generations to come, all life can live in peace, balance and harmony.

The Call of Compassion

Hearing the call for compassion is an act of awareness that alerts the body of the “Other” aspect of  I AM consciousness, broadening the balance between becoming one’s true self and absorbing the mutually supportive nature of evolution. Competition creates division which ultimately results in self destruction.  Now the wheel of time keeps rolling allowing the unfolding of whatever thoughts have preceded it.  If the old ways of mind set require reorientation and testing to validate their existence, then let it happen in the light of love and appreciation for all beings.  This simple act of contemplation supports everyone’s contribution and includes all in the process of life sustaining love.

– From the desk of Dean Evenson

Try this Relaxation affirmation

Try saying this affirmation to yourself every day for a week and see what happens:
“I am relaxed even during times of stress.”
Research has shown that being relaxed can help one heal.  Disease means ‘lack of ease’ so with that in mind, returning to our natural state of balance should be a goal of a healthy lifestyle. In an exercise of alternating tension and relaxation of the muscles, we learn what it feels like to be relaxed by experiencing its contrasting state of tension.  When people are uptight and tense, they often create blockages within the body system which may cause toxins to accumulate and disease can result.  The body and mind are interconnected so when one experiences tension in the mind, it is reflected as constriction in the body.  By being aware of the need to relax and by practicing these relaxation techniques, one can mitigate the effects of chronic or acute stress and even pain.

Check out Dean Evenson’s latest release – RELAXATION ZONE.  As usual, he has created a great musical experience that will help you relax and feel good about life.  It’s great for massage too with a bit more energy than his usual healing flute music.  And for a change, he has focused on piano and keyboards with a touch of didgeridoo, viola and percussion.

Stress Busting with Music

By Dudley Evenson

We all need to relax. Such busy stress-filled lives most of us live.  Modern lifestyles have caused a new kind of stress that our forebears didn’t know. While they may have had an adrenaline rush from being chased by a wild animal, our demons are often the ones we are chasing in our own minds. Stress comes in many forms. Whether it is a relationship conflict in the family or at work, worry about paying the bills or other things, stress occurs. How we deal with it is up to us. There are many ways to help a person relax. As we are learning how to breathe, moving our bodies or taking time to rest in stillness, music can be an excellent tool to aid in the process of relaxation.

We should all know by now that stress or more specifically our reaction to stress can cause detrimental effects in our bodily system.  Those tensions may result in heart disease, cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, or mental lapses.  So with that in mind, we would do well to develop some stress busting habits.

Step One – Learn to Breathe
Breathe in this day for it is given to be lived
Breathe in the morning when the sun rises
And the evening when it sets
Always breathe deeply and fully

Step Two – Move It!
Getting the energy moving through your physical body will help to release endorphins that enliven your mind and lift your spirit.  Joyful, free flowing movement can be a wonderful release to help let go of unnecessary thoughts or concerns.  Finding the exercise system that suits you will keep you going back for more. It is a joy when you love to move your body and have the discipline of regularly doing your yoga, running, stretching, dancing or whatever your mode of movement is. Go ahead and sign up for that tai chi or yoga class, get that massage you have been needing, do your daily run.  All these activities can benefit from relaxation music being played.

Step Three – Rest in the Stillness
Know that a prelude of movement prepares the way for that quiet space within.  With the breathing and moving, your body settles down and your mind is able to calm itself and be ready for the visualizations and peace that can come when the mind is empty and clear.  The music can be a focus to help you center in on your own inter sanctum, the innermost place of your being.  Just be. When we are relaxed, calm and peaceful within ourselves, we enhance our health and wellbeing and music is one of the most powerful tools that can trigger the ‘relaxation response’.

Relaxation Zone, the latest release by sound healing pioneer, Dean Evenson, offers music that is perfect to support the relaxation process.  Gentle rolling rhythms, atmospheric grooves, soft percussion and a touch of didgeridoo invite you relax into the moment with music that is both exotic and uplifting as well as comforting and supportive.  The resulting ambience is perfect for healing arts practitioners and others who have been asking Dean for music with a little more rhythm but still with that signature ‘Evenson’ mood. Recommended background music for massage, yoga, working out, going within, living, loving.  Relaxation Zone contains Earth Resonance Frequency for deeper relaxation.

Perfection in spite of appearances

I honor the perfection of the Universe
Try saying this affirmation aloud to yourself once a day for a week and see what happens!  You may not believe it at first, but the miracle is that when you trust in the universe, you will be pleasantly surprised with the results.

I live in a perfect universe.  Everything in my life works perfectly.  I am in harmony with my world.  I peacefully accept what happens to me and release what I don’t need.  I focus on creating the kind of life I want and draw that energy toward me.  I take actions that move me in the direction I want to go.  Life is good and I am fulfilled in so many ways.  I experience radiant health and peace of mind.  I have quality relationships and meaningful activities.   I am growing and evolving in ways that excite and fulfill me. With every step I take, I experience support and encouragement. I appreciate the gift of my life.

We often try to control the Universe by wishing things were different than they are, but when we look deeply into the nature of existence, we find the perfection inherent in everything that happens.  We tend to judge and quantify events, people and situations, but by so doing, we block the opportunities that may be destined to come our way.  This process of accepting the idea of perfection can be difficult at times, especially when sickness, loss, accidents or even death are part of the equation.  By truly believing in the ultimate perfection of all that is, we embark on a journey that moves us in the direction we want to go.  We may not see the perfection just yet, but by focusing on it, surely we evolve into the divine vision for our lives.
See the video now on our Weekly Meditation video page. Hear this affirmation spoken with music on MEDITATION MOMENT CD. It’s also available with video as a DailyOM ONLINE COURSE called A YEAR OF GUIDED MEDITATIONS