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Dean Evenson Explains the Earth Resonancy Frequency

Ever since he discovered information about the Earth Resonance Frequency (ERF), Dean Evenson has included that sub-audio tone under the mix in his healing music albums. We’ve had lots of requests for more information so here is some background on why it is such an important frequency and why we use it.

Our physical body is affected by vibrations that are below the range of hearing. One ‘ultra low frequency’ is called the Earth Resonance Frequency (ERF). This common frequency of our beautiful planet is located primarily at 7.83 Hertz or cycles per second.  One reason we are interested in this frequency is because it is very similar to the frequency our brains emit when we are in the Alpha brainwave state. There are several factors at play here and we will share our understanding of the scientific basis of resonant frequency and explain how that ties in with the state of our consciousness. We will also describe how the ERF or other ultra low frequencies can be used in music to support reaching a meditative or healing zone more easily.

It may be more than coincidence the Earth Resonance Frequency of 7.83 Hz is similar to the frequency our brains emit when we are in the state of consciousness right on the cusp between the Alpha and Theta brainwave states. As you may know, our brains emit ultra low frequency sound waves that vary depending on the state of our consciousness. When we are in our busy, rational frame of mind, our brains emit Beta frequencies in the range of 14-20 Hz. This is called our Beta brainwave state and occurs when we are active and thinking, doing computer work, driving a car, or something that requires left brain thinking. We need to access this state to function in the world on a daily basis.

When we are seeking a space to meditate or heal, we want to drop down into the next state which is deeper and more relaxed, so we enter the Alpha state. This is when we are awake and alert but very peaceful, calm and centered. The Alpha range is around 7-14 Hz. and is a very safe state to be in because one is still awake and alert to the surroundings but also open and receptive to being at peace and accessing our more intuitive faculties.

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Earth Resonance Frequency (ERF)

Did you know that we live in a musical universe? Everything is made up of frequency and vibration. The music of the SOUND HEALING SERIES created by Dean Evenson and the Soundings Ensemble has the added value of including the Earth Resonance Frequency (ERF) within the mix. This sub-audio tone of 7.8 hertz is the vibration of the Earth’s atmospheric cavity and can be felt but not heard.  Our brain goes into a state on the cusp of alpha and theta under the influence of this original frequency; our nervous system fires at close to this frequency.  Dolphins, whales and crickets use this frequency to communicate with.

Studies have shown that the effect of this frequency on the human system is significant and when we are in the presence of the Earth Resonance Frequency, our human nervous system is triggered back to the basic alpha/theta brainwave state, in which a person is awake and alert yet calm and receptive to healing.  Soundings of the Planet has included the ERF in its recordings to enhance the peaceful state that the music creates and also to help people get in touch with the earth itself.  Through aligning with this original frequency of the planet, we support our own healing as well as that of the Earth.

A Primordial Clear Light Mind

A primordial clear light mind
Is something that we all have within us.
It is not something external to us.
It is on this basis that we can attain enlightenment
When we can see, straightforwardly and non-conceptually,
the nature of our clear light mind
and remain totally absorbed on this nature
without ever regressing from it we have become a Buddha
– The Gelug/Lagyu tradition of Mahamudra


What is this Pure Light Mind that the scripture above speaks of? Is this something attainable by us mortals or only available to the realm of the Buddha and the Christ? Modern scientists recognize that our DNA emits light in the form of photons. So even on the physical level, it is understood that we are made up of light. Fortunately, many people across the ages have been able to access this aspect of their divine mind though their steadfast practice of meditation. So, although it may take some time and of course personal discipline, there are tools that can help you in your own quest. The goal of our meditation should be to move us closer to seeing clearly the nature of our mind which is ultimately pure light. Through meditation, we can hope to remove the impediments to this light by letting go of that which causes our suffering – clouds of worry, fear, anger, hatred, envy, craving and self-doubt. As we let go of these negative emotions, we make way for a more compassionate, joyful and expansive state of being. Through a regular meditation practice, we can expect to reach a state of inner peace and move that much closer to the realization our divine self.

Do you have trouble clearing your mind of worrisome or busy thoughts? Fortunately music has been found to help the process. Here are some of Soundings of the Planet’s meditation albums.

Great Review of Dean Evenson’s Dream Space

Review by Bill Binkelman, Retailing Insight Magazine
Dream SpaceHaving explored (musically) the rainforest, the desert, the sea, and many more environments, it was natural for Dean Evenson (flutes, keyboards) to turn his attention to the cosmos. On Dream Space, he’s joined by wife Dudley (harps, Tibetan bowls, tamboura) and violist Phil Heaven, as the trio traverse the vast reaches of outer space. Space for Evenson is friendly, warm, and inviting, albeit expansive and awe-inducing. Phil Heaven’s viola playing (similar in sound to space-music pioneer Kevin Braheny’s electronic wind instrument stylings) infuses ethereal beauty in these spacy soundscapes, while Evenson invigorates the genre by bringing his expert flutes to the forefront. This is surely one of the Evenson’s most soothing and peaceful albums.

Dr. Oz, Oprah and Dr. Gaynor concur on healing benefits Tibetan bowls

Dr. Oz Oprah bowlsWe got a call the other day from a woman wanting to know which of our albums have Tibetan singing bowls on them.  She had heard Dr. Oz speaking about their healing qualities on Oprah and wanted to follow his advice about using their beneficial frequencies to support the healing process.  Dr. Oz had recently interviewed Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, a prominent Manhattan cancer specialist and leader in combining alternative therapies with mainstream medicine.  Dr. Gaynor has made waves in the medical field as an advocate of using Tibetan bowls as an assist in easing anxiety, dealing with pain and improving the quality of life of his patients.  It turns out both Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Mitchell Gaynor are big proponents of using alternative therapies in conjunction with whatever other procedures are being used.  Dr. Gaynor says music can play a significant part in maintaining a healthy lifestyle contributing to the healing even from serious diseases such as cancer or simply in helping to reduce the stresses of everyday life.  Dean and Dudley Evenson met with Dr. Gaynor a few years ago and they shared their mutual appreciation for the healing power of music.

The origin of Tibetan Singing Bowls is shrouded in mystery but it is certain that they were used by monks as an aid in their meditation practice. Ancient bowls were an alloy of as many as twelve different metals that were pounded and shaped into bowls.  When a bowl is struck by a wooden mallet, a rich blend of harmonic overtones is created.  Because of the multiple harmonics, the sound can have the effect of bringing both hemispheres of the brain into synchronization.  Whether used in meditation or simply to create a calm, serene state, the clear tones of the bowls bring a sense of harmony and balance.  In this way, sound can be the medium that transports a person to an elevated state of consciousness.
Tibetan singing bowls
As for answering the woman’s question – here are the Soundings of the Planet CDs that feature Tibetan singing bowls.  The album with the most bowls is Golden Spa Tones by Dean Evenson and Walter Makichen.  This includes flute and ocean sounds to add to the healing quality.  The other albums do include bowls as well as other instrumentation.  All include the Earth Resonance Frequency (ERF) to enhance Alpha/Theta brainwave synchronization.  Golden Spa Tones, Dream Space, Chakra Healing, Sacred Earth, Reiki OM, Ascension to Tibet, Healing Dreams.

Relaxation Zone Double Visionary Awards Winner!

COVR Awards Relaxation ZoneDean Evenson’s album RELAXATION ZONE received double honors at the recent INATS trade show in Denver, Colorado.  It won the COVR Visionary Award for ALBUM OF THE YEAR and BEST NEW AGE MUSIC.  The COVR is Coalition of Visionary Resources, the trade organization that represents new thought stores, producers and creators of visionary books, music, videos, websites and sideline products.  Soundings of the Planet is honored to have been frequently recognized by this important organization in the fields of health, wellness, earth and spirituality.

Relaxation ZoneCharting a new direction, Dean Evenson actually put down his flute for this album to create his lovely keyboard compositions that are uplifting as well as comforting and supportive. The resulting ambiance is perfect for healing arts practitioners and others who have been asking him for music with a little more rhythm but still with that signature ‘Evenson’ mood.  Gentle rolling rhythms, atmospheric grooves, soft percussion and a touch of didgeridoo invite you relax into the moment.

4 Earth: Scenic Vistas of Ocean Stream River Pond

4 Earth by Dean Evenson

“4 Earth: Scenic Vistas of Ocean Stream River Pond” the new DVD Release by Dean Evenson features stunning images of four uniquely different, yet interconnected environments and the flow of water among them. A perfect antidote to the stresses of modern urban life that has become increasingly disconnected from nature.

This DVD is ideal for bringing nature into one’s personal life. It can support inner peace, relaxation and meditation. It is ideal for people in need of physical or spiritual healing. Teachers can also use it to bring awareness of nature and these four eco-systems into the classroom.

In the soft amber glow of a secluded northern bay, sea gulls prepare for evening. The sun slowly sets, night falls and the scene shifts to a full moon rising over a southern ocean gleaming with reflected light. We are hypnotized by the ebb and flow of churning waves. Time stretches out and a glorious sunrise heralds the next moment of our video tour of Earth’s water systems. These intimate video portraits of the natural world follow the cycle of water from salty ocean waves to breathtaking views of mountain peaks and blue white glaciers, down rocky hillsides gushing with snow melt streams and coursing along salmon-spawning rivers where eagles gather to feed in quiet pools. The flow continues along forested wetlands into a lotus pond teeming with wildlife and eventually returning to the sea. Video shot in TRUE HIGH DEFINITION mostly near the home of Dean and Dudley next to a wild river valley in the north Cascade Mountains. Dean’s camera work allows you to see through his eyes a world of exquisite beauty in every direction he turns.

Video shot in True High Definition mostly near the home of Dean and Dudley Evenson next to a wild river in the north Cascade Mountains. Dean turns in any direction from his home and sees beauty. Whether it’s a forested valley or spring wetland; the gushing, rushing waterfalls and streams of a summer day; or the snowy white winter peaks of Mt. Baker and Mt. Shuksan just a short drive from his home, Evenson captures both the power and subtlety of water and Earth in this hour-long video meditation. Other locations include Bellingham Bay, south Florida ocean, Jamaican sea, and the lotus pond next to the Soundings of the Planet recording studio. We envision a balance between these four interconnected eco-systems and the flow of water among them. The videos show how they look now in certain places on E arth, using recent images mostly from the Pacific Northwest. Climate change and human development threaten the fragile balance of all these systems, especially in regard to the small percentage of fresh water available on the planet. By showing the stunning beauty of earth’s natural systems, we aim to inspire an appreciation for their values and functions and instill a respect for preserving them by encouraging active mitigation of the forces that threaten their balance.

Coming soon: Teacher Activity Guides using the video.


4 Earth by Dean Evenson

Dean’s New Release “4 Earth” is ‘au naturel’

Dean Evenson is an award-winning sound healing pioneer known for combining his beautiful flute music with the sounds of nature. Now, for the first time, he is releasing 4 Earth: Natural Sounds of Ocean, Stream, River, Pond,  an album of just natural sounds drawn from four interconnected eco-systems and the flow of water between them. The gentle sounds of water in its many forms are a supportive background for meditation, healing, relaxation and even as a sleep aid. From ocean waves deep with whale song to snowmelt streams, waterfalls and the calling of eagles, the Earth makes its statement. In a time when people are increasingly disconnected from nature, this album is a soothing balm for the soul. Contains Earth Resonance Frequency for deeper relaxation.


Life is our Dream

by Dudley Evenson
I awoke one morning from a bad dream full of frustration and inability to control what was happening to me.  Sometimes dreams are like that, but not always…

Does your life ever feel like a bad dream?  Well, change the dream!  You have the power to change your dreams.  You dreamed your life into existence exactly the way it is.  Do you love it?  Do you feel frustrated by it?  Life is an evolving dream.  You have the power and responsibility to keep the dream alive and fresh by constantly working it until it works for you.  You are the dreamer.  Your life is your dream.

You are also part of a larger dream.  God’s dream.  The dream of Creation.  Nature’s dream.   Look around you at the beauty and perfection of the natural world. Now look around and see what man has done to this natural beauty.  Sometimes it works, but too often it doesn’t.  We are also a part of society’s dream, of humanity’s dream.

We still have the power to change humanity’s dream. We are part of the human family which is dreaming the life of society.  What kind of dream do we want to have for ourselves, for our families and friends?  If it isn’t what we see around us, then we really need to get to work and help evolve humanity’s dreams!

Here’s some dreamy Soundings music to go along with your dreamscapes –
Ocean Dreams, Healing Dreams, Spa Dreams, Dreamstreams