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Walking in an eco village

Earth Our Eco Village

This Earth Day, Dean Evenson and I find ourselves in a small coastal village in Mexico with no roads and no cars. It is truly a magnificent experience to be in an eco village where one has to walk everywhere and carry on our backs anything we want to transport. The bonus is that walking is one of the best forms of exercise we can do. In our modern world, we have grown accustomed to relying on cars, trucks, buses and planes to move us from place to place so it is quite refreshing to rely on our own legs and feet to get us where we want to go. Here food gets purchased, meals get made, children get educated, business happens and most of it without relying on the wheel! The other interesting thing about this little village is that strangers greet each other with a pleasant hello and most everyone is smiling.

No roads or cars in this eco village
La Tienda local store in Mexican eco village

When one lives in a somewhat primitive system like this, it becomes clear how everything is interconnected. Here, we take nothing for granted and perhaps that is how we might want to consider life on our very own planet Earth. Where does our food come from? In our globalized economy, it may come from halfway around the world. We finish with something and throw it ‘away’ but where exactly is ‘away’? On this finite planet, there really is no ‘away’ so we need to build a more sustainable support system that does not rely so much on petroleum based transportation to supply us with the basics of life.

This is why we love the idea of permaculture. In such a system, there is no waste and everything that is consumed or used is produced locally as much as possible. Permaculture basically means ‘permanent culture.’ It is a system of social design and agriculture that directly utilizes features and patterns observed in natural ecosystems. This may be an idealistic concept today, but in the not so distant future when we have run out of fossil fuels, we may likely be looking at permaculture as a necessity and not an idealistic luxury.

Earth Day every day
Be Green. Be the Planet. Every day is Earth Day here.

Happy Earth Day! Please consider our precious planet in everything you do.

We hope you will take advantage of the nature-based music Dean Evenson and the Soundings Ensemble have been creating since 1979. And when you comment on our blog, we will send you a free mp3 as a thank you. Peace Through Music blessings.

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Dean Evenson Explains the Earth Resonancy Frequency

Ever since he discovered information about the Earth Resonance Frequency (ERF), Dean Evenson has included that sub-audio tone under the mix in his healing music albums. We’ve had lots of requests for more information so here is some background on why it is such an important frequency and why we use it.

Our physical body is affected by vibrations that are below the range of hearing. One ‘ultra low frequency’ is called the Earth Resonance Frequency (ERF). This common frequency of our beautiful planet is located primarily at 7.83 Hertz or cycles per second.  One reason we are interested in this frequency is because it is very similar to the frequency our brains emit when we are in the Alpha brainwave state. There are several factors at play here and we will share our understanding of the scientific basis of resonant frequency and explain how that ties in with the state of our consciousness. We will also describe how the ERF or other ultra low frequencies can be used in music to support reaching a meditative or healing zone more easily.

It may be more than coincidence the Earth Resonance Frequency of 7.83 Hz is similar to the frequency our brains emit when we are in the state of consciousness right on the cusp between the Alpha and Theta brainwave states. As you may know, our brains emit ultra low frequency sound waves that vary depending on the state of our consciousness. When we are in our busy, rational frame of mind, our brains emit Beta frequencies in the range of 14-20 Hz. This is called our Beta brainwave state and occurs when we are active and thinking, doing computer work, driving a car, or something that requires left brain thinking. We need to access this state to function in the world on a daily basis.

When we are seeking a space to meditate or heal, we want to drop down into the next state which is deeper and more relaxed, so we enter the Alpha state. This is when we are awake and alert but very peaceful, calm and centered. The Alpha range is around 7-14 Hz. and is a very safe state to be in because one is still awake and alert to the surroundings but also open and receptive to being at peace and accessing our more intuitive faculties.

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Earth Resonance Frequency (ERF)

Did you know that we live in a musical universe? Everything is made up of frequency and vibration. The music of the SOUND HEALING SERIES created by Dean Evenson and the Soundings Ensemble has the added value of including the Earth Resonance Frequency (ERF) within the mix. This sub-audio tone of 7.8 hertz is the vibration of the Earth’s atmospheric cavity and can be felt but not heard.  Our brain goes into a state on the cusp of alpha and theta under the influence of this original frequency; our nervous system fires at close to this frequency.  Dolphins, whales and crickets use this frequency to communicate with.

Studies have shown that the effect of this frequency on the human system is significant and when we are in the presence of the Earth Resonance Frequency, our human nervous system is triggered back to the basic alpha/theta brainwave state, in which a person is awake and alert yet calm and receptive to healing.  Soundings of the Planet has included the ERF in its recordings to enhance the peaceful state that the music creates and also to help people get in touch with the earth itself.  Through aligning with this original frequency of the planet, we support our own healing as well as that of the Earth.

A Primordial Clear Light Mind

A primordial clear light mind
Is something that we all have within us.
It is not something external to us.
It is on this basis that we can attain enlightenment
When we can see, straightforwardly and non-conceptually,
the nature of our clear light mind
and remain totally absorbed on this nature
without ever regressing from it we have become a Buddha
– The Gelug/Lagyu tradition of Mahamudra


What is this Pure Light Mind that the scripture above speaks of? Is this something attainable by us mortals or only available to the realm of the Buddha and the Christ? Modern scientists recognize that our DNA emits light in the form of photons. So even on the physical level, it is understood that we are made up of light. Fortunately, many people across the ages have been able to access this aspect of their divine mind though their steadfast practice of meditation. So, although it may take some time and of course personal discipline, there are tools that can help you in your own quest. The goal of our meditation should be to move us closer to seeing clearly the nature of our mind which is ultimately pure light. Through meditation, we can hope to remove the impediments to this light by letting go of that which causes our suffering – clouds of worry, fear, anger, hatred, envy, craving and self-doubt. As we let go of these negative emotions, we make way for a more compassionate, joyful and expansive state of being. Through a regular meditation practice, we can expect to reach a state of inner peace and move that much closer to the realization our divine self.

Do you have trouble clearing your mind of worrisome or busy thoughts? Fortunately music has been found to help the process. Here are some of Soundings of the Planet’s meditation albums.

5 Ways To Flex Your Gratitude Muscle

Here in the US, as we celebrate the holiday season, there’s been a lot of thanks and appreciation in the air. But going beyond the seasonal tradition, developing the habit of gratitude has become a common buzzword in mainstream media, touted as the key to less stress, better health and more happiness.
Considering there are hundreds, if not thousands, of books written on the topic (based on a quick Amazon search), however, it seems we need a little instruction on how to be grateful on a regular basis. In the developed world at least, where most of us can take our fundamental needs for granted, too often, it seems, we reserve gratitude for that colossal gift or happy event: something exceptional and out of the ordinary.
But I hear you, devil’s advocate: Even if we have enough to eat and a place to sleep, modern life is stressful! How could we possibly feel grateful when we are feeling upset or thwarted and things aren’t going our way? If we show gratitude for the small and paltry, then that might be all we end up with. Plus, being appreciative puts us in a position of indebtedness and weakness.
Au contraire, simcity buildit hack cydia mon frere. The power of gratitude lies in its ability to transform your state of mind. click more details It’s virtually impossible to feel grateful and depressed at the same time, or grateful and entitled, or grateful and unhappy. Moreover, expressing gratitude puts you into a place of readiness to receive even more, not less. After all, why would the powers that be shower you with your heart’s desire when you don’t even appreciate what you already have? (And if you’re still not convinced, take a look at the people who wallow in entitlement and eternal dissatisfaction – do they seem happy to you?)
So if your gratitude muscle needs a little exercise, here are some suggestions on how to pump it up:
1. Go on a rampage of appreciation. That’s what Abraham-Hicks calls it in their book, Ask And It Is Given. Hone your powers of observation, notice what you typically take for granted and actively identify things in your immediate environment that are pleasing to you – the way your favorite cashmere sweater feels on your skin or the cool breeze coming in the window. Then, extend the rampage to things not directly related to your welfare: the playful way that father is interacting with his daughter at the grocery store, for example, or the smooth ride of the newly paved highway.
2. Deliberately direct your focus. Mundane stuff, isn’t it. But once you become oriented toward looking for things to appreciate you’ll find that your day is filled with such things and you will start to feel a quiet buzz of contentment. (Plus, it’s easier to feel grateful for little things that are not chronically associated with negative emotion or resistance.) And whatever you’re not grateful for? You don’t have to change your feeling about it, just don’t focus on it. Like you would with a wandering dog on a leash, practice pulling your focus back, again and again, to what’s pleasing and feels good.
3. Use a cheat sheet. For sure, it’s difficult to feel grateful in those moments when you are feeling thwarted or out of sorts and distinctly unappreciative of your current situation. So you need a back-up plan: keep more information a gratitude journal or a pre-written script which you can refer to and rely on to conjure up feelings of appreciation. The longer you can focus on it, the quicker you can regain a positive grounding.
4. Get regular. Five to 15 minutes is the recommended daily allowance of focused gratitude. But I also grab a quick fix when I’m in transit, walking to the elevator or down the street. Like a curious beagle, I sniff out things to appreciate — the confident swagger of a five-year-old, the smile of a courteous policeman, or a storekeeper clearing the sidewalk of litter — and give myself a gratuitous burst of energy.
5. Be grateful in advance. Is there something you’d like to have (more of) in your life? Instead of fretting or wondering when or if it’s coming, assume it’s on its way and start feeling grateful before it even arrives.
I’ll leave you with these words from an unknown author:
“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.”

5 Useful Tips On WordPress Performance Optimization For Your Sites

WordPress is an excellent content management system with lots of amazing features. This is the reason blog owners love to use this platform to obtain some benefits in their business. You can enhance the conversion rate in your business when you can manage your WordPress site properly. However, as the owner of the website you must know how to optimize the performance of your WordPress site so that it can affect your core business in a positive manner. Improvement in the performance means making it a faster click this website loading site with minimum page loading issues. Your pages must be fast as well as responsive to match the new browsing style of the modern visitors.
Even if you see that your WordPress website is doing great in comparison to the sites of your rivals in business then also you should not stop trying to improve the performance level of share more details that site. You must offer your visitor the best user experience whenever they visit your blog.
Choose An Efficient CDN Service
CDN is the short form of Content Delivery Network. There are some distributed servers that have one common network, and those servers are situated in multiple locations. When you have the right CDN, then it can clone your site on all the nodes of those locations. When a visitor from a certain location wishes to access your website through a certain browser, then that request is served by the server located in the nearest node. It is not sent to the main or central datacenter of the provider of web hosting service. This entire process makes it easier and quicker to load the pages of your website. People love to visit the websites that are loaded faster than the others.
Use gZIP Compression
You should enable gZIP compression so that the size of the data can be minimized which is being transferred between the server of the site and the browser of the colorswitchhacks visitors. This is a very effective method of compress the size of the data of various media files, JavaScript files as well as the CSS files. You can wrap them together in a single box and send them to the destination easily. The browsers of the visitors decompress those compressed files and then render the same to the viewers. The website becomes much easier to be loaded and the pages can be opened faster.
Restrict Post Revisions
Post revisions can increase the load of the database of the site. That may hold it back from being a faster loading website. You should try to restrict the post revisions so that reduce the unnecessary burden of your website. When you have limitless post revisions option then you can have a slower page rendering process because the server will take more time to search through numerous post revisions that are present in the database.
Install Some Efficient Plugins
You must be very careful about installing the right plugins. These are an integral part of any WordPress site. It can make your life easier but that does not mean you need to add all of them on your website. Not all of them are well-codded too. Thus, some of them may occupy a lot of space on the database but cannot help you in a significant manner. In this case, you must get rid of those plugins that are not very useful. Try to have the ones that are active on your website and can help you a lot to improve your performance. If you have some plug-ins that are not in use for a long time then you should remove them from the website as soon as possible. Enjoy higher loading speed and improved performance level with the help of the most effective plugins only.
Pick The Theme Wisely
The WordPress theme you choose for your website plays a vital role in determining the performance level of your website. It is always advisable that you must choose the WordPress theme that has clean and clean codes with valid HTML markup. If the theme has some bad codes then it may add some unwanted and unnecessary weight to the pages. It can slow down the loading speed.
Ensure that you have left no stone unturned to ensure an optimized performance of your website. You must try your best to make the website a highly functional and productive one.

5 Vital Traits a Good Leader Must Possess

There might be a lot of leaders in your area, but there are only a few who know exactly what makes a good leader. As a leader, you’re expected to bring you and your team to success. As a leader, your team looks up to you for guidance and support.
Wanting to know what makes a good leader is already the first click this website step to achieving hill climb racing cheats hack your goal. However, there is always room for improvement. Read on and find out how you can become a good leader.
1) Teamwork
A leader might be the head of the organization or team, but share more details he or she cannot function well without teamwork. Unfortunately, a lot of leaders let their position get into their heads. They move without consulting the rest of the team.
What makes a good leader is a sense of teamwork. Although you might be the one calling the shots, you can’t completely disregard the people you’re responsible for.
2) Strength
Another important factor of what makes a good leader is strength. Whether it’s strength in making a decision, or strength in overcoming challenges, a good leaders knows not to show weakness.
A good leader doesn’t cower from the enemy. He or she doesn’t fear challenges or obstacles; but instead, he or she deals with them head-on.
3) Good Example
A good leader sets a good example for his or her subordinates. If you’re very particular about tardiness, then you have to make sure that you’re always on time, if not earlier than the others.
If you have strong feelings against cheating, then you yourself should not be tempted to cheat. Set a good example for the people in your team. Actions speak louder than words.
4) Responsibility
A good leader takes responsibility. He or she doesn’t try to figure out a way to escape the mess that might have been created. Instead, a good leader faces the issue and deals with the problems as they come.
Being responsible also means avoiding disaster and making the right decisions. Keep in mind that you’re accountable for the rest of your team.
5) Quick Thinking
Quick thinking is an essential leadership skill. Most of the time, this is what saves the day. A good leader must know how to act swiftly and must encourage quick thinking among his or her people.
The success of a group has a lot to do with both the leader and the team. It’s never just about one person only. As long as you remember what your goal is, you’ll be alright. And these additional tips on what makes a good leader will only help you become a better person.

5 Ways To Avoid Burning Your Holiday Dinner

Whether you鎶甧 hosting the annual family gathering, trying to find space for all the raw and cooked food or just juggling a busy life, this special time of year is rife with opportunities to ruin all your plans. However, never fear! There are simple ways to make your kitchen work for you during the festivities and for the rest of the year.

get organized!
First of all, start off with a good idea of what you need for your holiday preparations. Look through and straighten up your cupboards; you might find items you didn鎶?even know you had. This will save you time and money and prevent you from running to the store a dozen times.

Next, organize your tools and ingredients beforehand. This will make serving and cleaning up a cinch. This may seem easier said than done. How, one might ask, do you go about doing creating this type of organization?

Find your lost counters simcity buildit hack cydia and drawers
Large appliances often swallow up counter space. The easiest way to regain your surfaces is by installing an appliance lift. These install easily into most cabinets, and glide in and out with minimal effort. Take your appliances out when you want them and have them stored neatly away when you don鎶? By keeping your appliances in the cabinets instead of on top of the counter, you鎶 have a larger work surface and will eliminate the strain of lifting heavy machinery.

Another organizational hazard is the mess that utensils create in drawers. Keep you utensils tidy and easy to reach by utilizing a simple drawer insert. With separate sections and universal sizes, drawer inserts are the best way to make sure that click more details you can always find the right spoon, rather than accidentally grabbing for the garlic press.

It鎶?a matter of taste
No dish is complete without a dash of this or a sprig of that. But where did you put “this” and “that”? In all of the rush of cooking you just might grab a jar of cream of tartar, which won鎶?enhance your cookies quite like powdered sugar. However, it is possible to avoid this chaos. A spice rack fitted specifically for your cabinet doors will hold all the spices you know you have, and some that might have been hiding in a dark corner of your cupboard. Everything will taste just right, and you鎶 know just where to find the nutmeg when you need it.

Your kitchen is not a garbage dump
So, you鎶砮 peeled and cut up, saut闁慸 and roasted, baked and boiled every piece of food in your home. What鎶?left? A trash bag that has long ceased holding the mountain of garbage you鎶砮 produced. Instead of involving the entire household in a massive haul of rubbish, purchase a nicely sized slide-out garbage can. This type of can may be placed under the sink or in any convenient cabinet. You鎶 be able to gardenscapes hack online toss the trash as you need to and, at more manageable intervals, will be able to take the full bags out. Most importantly, the smell and the mess will be isolated within your slide-out can and will be out of reach from your nose.

Cleaning it all up
At the end of your festivities you will, undoubtedly, be tempted to throw all those dirty dishes out and start over. Don鎶?worry, once you start to clean, it will go very quickly- if you could only find the sponge! If you have a false cabinet front in your sink, you are in luck. Tip-out trays fit into these wasted areas and keep your sponges and accessories neat and dry. Also, rinse off your dishes as you put them in the sink. You鎶 see the difference.
The house is clean, the kitchen is organized and the food is cooked. Now, it’s time to serve the food, enjoy the company and relax after your hard work. You’ve earned it!

Great Review of Dean Evenson’s Dream Space

Review by Bill Binkelman, Retailing Insight Magazine
Dream SpaceHaving explored (musically) the rainforest, the desert, the sea, and many more environments, it was natural for Dean Evenson (flutes, keyboards) to turn his attention to the cosmos. On Dream Space, he’s joined by wife Dudley (harps, Tibetan bowls, tamboura) and violist Phil Heaven, as the trio traverse the vast reaches of outer space. Space for Evenson is friendly, warm, and inviting, albeit expansive and awe-inducing. Phil Heaven’s viola playing (similar in sound to space-music pioneer Kevin Braheny’s electronic wind instrument stylings) infuses ethereal beauty in these spacy soundscapes, while Evenson invigorates the genre by bringing his expert flutes to the forefront. This is surely one of the Evenson’s most soothing and peaceful albums.