Amber Sky by Dean Evenson, Phil Heaven & Jeff Willson

Amber Sky – new release by Dean Evenson & Phil Heaven

Enjoy listening to the full album below.
All songs composed by Dean Evenson, Phil Heaven & Jeff Willson.

Each day the sun rises and sets, casting our world in an amber glow. Shining a different light on our lives allows us to see things with a new perspective. The warm light from an amber sky reminds us to see each other with kindness and love in our hearts. Flute, viola, and keyboards combine to set an introspective mood of calm and gratitude for the beauty all around us.

Dean Evenson – flute, keyboards
Phil Heaven: viola, keyboards
Jeff Willson: piano, bass

1) Winding Down

2) Reflecting Light

3) Distant Horizon

4) Warming Up

5) Basking in the Glow

6) Rising Rays

7) Ancient Aura

8) Receiving the Light

9) Lullaby of Light

10) Golden Glow

11) Sun Kissing Sky