Albums used at Walter Reed


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We are pleased to present a collection of albums and one DVD of beautiful relaxing music and imagery that were used at Walter Reed.  We are offering the set (6 albums and 1 DVD) for a incredible price of only $56.   Click here to buy

Here are the albums and DVD that are included:

Eagle River DVD

Eagle River DVD

Journey to a wild river in the Pacific Northwest. Experience stunning visuals of eagles soaring across a tranquil mountain valley along with relaxing music of silver flutes, guitar and harp. Let the beauty of peaceful music and natural images give your mind a healing focus as you allow negative images and thoughts to melt away and flow downstream.  More INFO


Eagle River

Take an inspiring musical journey down a wild river in the Pacific Northwest. Hear the actual calling of eagles as they feast on spawning salmon who have swum upstream from the ocean to lay their eggs in the calm river inlets and then lay down their lives for the next generation. Seagulls and other birds share the feast, but the eagle is the master. The voice of many rivers echoes across the vast valley.  More info


Sound Healing

This inspiring collection of peaceful music includes selections from Evenson’s BILLBOARD charting hits as well as new music which has been specifically created to help people relax and lower stress levels. It’s an ideal tool for all healing modalities.
Sound affects the vibratory rate of every cell and molecule in the body and has a direct impact on all our systems. It is no wonder that both mainstream and alternative health care practitioners are using music like Sound Healing either alone or in combination with traditional medical practices as a support in the healing process.  More Info


Healing Waters

Let the sound of lush flutes, dreamy guitar and cascading harps take you to a world of gentle ocean waves and flowing rivers. Bathe in the beauty of nature’s own symphony blended with soothing music especially designed to harmonize body and soul. Healing Waters is a sterling example of combining grace and purpose into pleasurable and meaningful listening.  More info


Healing Sanctuary

Enter a healing sanctuary of sound and let the soul experience shelter from the storms of life. In this calm haven, deeply soothing music of flutes, harps and nature sounds create healing relief, even in the midst of personal or planetary turmoil. In this place of serenity, one may begin the process of self-restoration and finding inner peace.  More info



Healing Dreams

Dean Evenson and Scott Huckabay have collaborated on many of the albums in the Sound Healing Series with their soothing flute and guitar music. Their offering here is confirmation that they have a magical creative connection. The first track on Healing Dreams greets you where you and then you are taken deeper with Huckabay’s elegant solo guitar second track which really opens the mood for dreaming. Scott and Dean are joined by spiritual singer and multi-language vocalist Gina Sala who lends her dreamy vocalizations to the deepening ambience of Healing Dreams.  More Info


Ocean Dreams

Dolphins and whales weave their melody with the evocative music of flutes, harps, and synthesizer. Gentle ocean rhythms create waves of peace. Ocean Dreams is lovingly dedicated to preserving precious ocean life. The destiny of our planet depends on the health of her oceans and its inhabitants.  More Info