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Welcome to Soundings of the Planet!

Dean and Dudley Evenson founded Soundings of the Planet in 1979 to be a voice of the planet and to support their vision of ‘Peace Through Music.’ They created one of the first musical recordings to include the sounds of nature and in the process helped launch a whole new genre of relaxation music.  Since then, they have produced over 80 albums and videos and their award-winning music supports meditation, yoga and healing. The Evensons have collaborated with outstanding musicians from around the world including Scott Huckabay, Tom Barabas, Li Xiangting, d’Rachael, Cha-das-ska-dum, Singh Kaur, Daniel Paul and even the Dalai Lama of Tibet. They also produce nature music videos and documentaries on sound healing, environmental issues and travel in Tibet, India, Nepal, and Native American cultures.

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Deobrat Mishra Indian Sitar Master Benefit Concerts & Workshops

This summer, Deobrat Mishra, 11th generation Indian sitar master, is touring in the Pacific Northwest. Soundings is pleased to sponsor his Sitar Concert Ragas and Kirtan in Bellingham, WA July 8 & 9 and his workshops on July 10 & 11. His sitar concert tour is a benefit for the Benares Music Academy and the … Continue reading Deobrat Mishra Indian Sitar Master Benefit Concerts & Workshops

Fathers Dads

Honoring Fathers Everywhere

Modern Fathers. We love the dads of today who carry their babies in a backpack or close to their heart. It used to be this practice was only used by mothers but now fathers get to have the blessings of a much closer contact with their young children. As women have become strong and more … Continue reading Honoring Fathers Everywhere

Memorial to fallen soldiers

Memorial to Collateral Damages of War

Memorial Day commemorates fallen soldiers but it should also recognize the loss of innocent civilians whose deaths are considered ‘collateral damage’ of war. Sadly, the never-ending war against terrorism seems to yield many such killings. Recently the deaths of 22 young people at a Manchester, England concert has captured the world’s sympathy and attention as … Continue reading Memorial to Collateral Damages of War