4 Earth Project (DVD & CD)

What started out as a video installation for a museum exhibit of artists interpreting climate change has evolved into a DVD and CD by musicians and videographers Dean and Dudley Evenson. ‘4 Earth’ is the name of several projects that have evolved from that original artistic impetus. The Evensons are known for pioneering the use of sounds of nature with their peaceful flute and harp music, but few are aware of their background in portable video movement which began in 1970. Now, four decades later they are tapping into their video roots with this DVD that is part of the video exhibition that features stunning images of four uniquely different, yet interconnected environments and the flow of water among them. The four systems are Bay & Ocean, Mountain & Stream, River & Forest, Wetland & Pond.

4 Earth DVD by Dean EvensonThe hour-long DVD ‘4 Earth: Scenic Vistas of Ocean, Streams, River, and Pond’ features 15-minute segments of each of four eco-systems plus a 15-minute bonus track showing a composite of all four systems on one screen. Optional sound tracks are available – either nature sounds only or nature sounds with peaceful music.Click to view the 4 Earth DVD.

4 Earth by Dean EvensonA companion hour-long CD ‘4 Earth: Natural Sounds of Ocean, Streams, River, and Pond’ is also being released. Dean Evenson is known for pioneering the use of natural sounds in his recordings but this is the first album he is releasing of nature sounds only of these four interconnected eco-systems. The gentle sounds of water in its many forms are a supportive background for meditation, healing, relaxation and even sleep. Click to hear the 4 Earth CD.